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Remy Ma Says Young Female Rappers Have It Easier and It A Good Thing

Remy Ma
Remy Ma

Remy Ma says she doesn’t hold any grudge against younger female rappers who seemingly have it “easier” to break into the rap game and make a name or career.

The rapper maintained that she has a positive outlook on what women experience today, even though it might be easier for them than it was for her. In an interview on the Break Beat podcast, the rapper was asked about her feelings about rappers who can blow up and go viral, and within a short space of time, they are regarded as “rappers” and begin to pursue careers.

However, the veteran rapper says things are supposed to be easier and progressively get better with time, especially for women.

“I don’t really care. I don’t look at it like that. Everything evolves. If you look at it, when I did come into the game I may have had it a lot easier than the people that came before me,” the rapper began.

Remy Ma continued, “as time goes on it’s supposed to get easier. We’re not supposed to be struggling forever and I think the people that be upset about it is the people that don’t understand evolution, they don’t understand that’s how the world works. Most of the time, if you’re in something and you’re doing something, you end up being one of the pavers, you’re making it easier so the people behind don’t really have to struggle the way you did.”

Remy Ma added that she makes it a practice to divulge everything that she knows to younger rappers to guide and support them to ensure that they avoid the mistakes she made in her career.

“I try to download everything that I know to them so they can avoid some of the pitfalls and some of the trials and tribulations that I went through because I don’t really have that because every piece of information was treated like the holy grail, they ain’t want to tell you nothing, like ‘aight she’ll figure it out’ like why would you want to do that to me?”

Remy also said that gatekeeping rap is not something she understands, as many people in the industry started at the bottom and should be fine with others rising up.

“I don’t understand that mentality, I don’t know any artist or anybody in this industry that started off with money. Everybody from the bottom, like why you be on it like that? Some people not everybody. I wish I had it easier, I always say ‘all my life I had to fight’, I never got anything easy and I’m ok with that it’s made me who I am,” the rapper said.

The topic of younger rappers having too easy has been a sore point for discussion, particularly by the likes of Nicki Minaj, who has been beefing with younger rappers like Latto and Cardi B. The artist has continually referenced how hard she worked and has sought to insult younger rappers for “having it easy.”

Among those who have become overnight successes are Erica Banks and Ice Spice, who both blew up from the viral platform Tik Tok.