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Quavo Vows To Keep Takeoff’s Legacy Alive In Lengthy Tribute

Quavo and Takeoff

Quavo’s full speech at his nephew’s memorial service has been released, and the rapper reflects on the close relationship he had with Takeoff, who was his sister’s son.

A memorial was held for the rapper on Friday, attended by friends, family members, and fans of the rapper at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Both Quavo and his cousin Offset broke down and became emotional as they paid their final respects to the late rapper. Quavo, who was present when Takeoff was shot and killed on Nov. 1, started out with how he was coping with the loss of his nephew.

“It’s so hard to tell you Ima miss you because you always with me and we did everything together,” Quavo wrote. “Since we were kids you been by my side looking up at me, them eyes waiting on me to make the next move. then you followed up right behind me. You always made sure I did it first so you can do it right with me.”

Quavo also shared that himself and Takeoff first dream was never to be a rapper but to be tag team partners in the WWE. But as they grow up and realized pro wrestling wasn’t a viable option, he went to play sports and Takeoff developed a knock for rapping at an early age. He says it was Takeoff’s idea to become a rapper and he and Offset follows through.

“Nothing ever really bothered Take and he didn’t bother anybody. He the most unbothered person in the world. He never got mad, he never raised his voice, and when he did, he silenced the room because what Take said was law and he wasn’t changing his mind fa na, not even Unc could,” he reflected.

Quavo also spoke about the rapper’s sense of humor and shared that he was God-fearing. “Last but not Least he took time with everything. We called it the ‘Takeoff Time.’ Whenever we would be running late to the shows he would always say ‘God will get us there on time’ Some shows God did, some shows we were late. Point is he trusted God though.”

Quavo also vowed to keep the rapper’s memory and music alive. Evidently, Quavo and Takeoff were very close from childhood straight into adulthood, even after they became household names in music. Earlier this year, after rumors surfaced that Migos had broken up,

Quavo and Takeoff stuck together and formed a duo and even released a joint album without Offset. It’s unclear what their relationship was with Offset in the last several months, but at yesterday’s funeral, they showed a united front and told the audience that they would focus on brotherhood and family going forward.

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