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Sidney Starr Reacts To Rapper Chingy’s New Interview About Their Past Issues


Sidney Starr says she’s sorry for the lies she told about Chingy in the past. In an interview this week, Chingy spoke about how the claims by Starr, who is transgender, destroyed his career after fans believed that he was romantically involved with Starr.

In 2012, a rumor surfaced that Chingy had dated a transgender person. He says he later lost a record deal because of the bad publicity. He later shared that he had met Starr, who appeared as a female backup dancer for Ludacris and obliged after she asked for a photo.

Starr later used the photo to support her claim that she and the artist date.

In his Vlad TV interview this week, the artist shared that after the rumors by Starr, he was traumatized and became afraid to pose with his gay fans out of fear that they may also spread rumors about him.

He said that he eventually overcame the stigma that overshadowed his career.

“I was about to stop taking pictures with homosexual individuals because I felt like they may try to do something like that. But Then I said you know what, everybody else ain’t do something to me, I ain’t gonna do that. I have fans that are homosexual, I have nothing against them. So I took that risk or chance because I appreciate my fans,” he said.

Starr, who got wind of the comments by Chingy, also claimed to have apologized to the artist 10 years ago and said she had made the comments 10 years ago.

“Wow! I was young Af and made a mistake! My god! I will never be able to move on from this! SMH I’m done.”

In other comments, she wrote, “I am definitely remorseful I was then and I still am now,!!! I am truly sorry! Yall don’t even know me as a person how do you know what I truly feel ???? Like I said I’m dammed if I do and I’m dammed if I don’t. I’m not looking for clarity from nobody but God knows my heart and the people who are close to me! So if y’all want to continue to bash me for something I owned up too .go right ahead … I’m strong and I will get through if I could turn back the hands if time I would! But I’m human and sometimes as humans we make mistakes!!!! Nobody is perfect! And I’m not playing the victim… and I’m not saying my apology changed anything.. but I owned up to it… smh.”

Meanwhile, fans of the “Right Thurr” artist dragged Sidney for her actions.

“You’re mistake cost him a career while you are running around on reality shows with a career. That apology should’ve been said the moment you started that rumor. Being young isn’t an excuse! You flat out lied and damaged a black man’s promising career. He has never recovered since but you have that’s the messed up part,” one fan wrote.

“this was not a mistake you knew what you were doing and you ruined his life he should’ve sued you for everything! You do clown ish to this day you’re literally not sorry. You make the community both black and [pride] look bad,” Another said.