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Nicki Minaj Responds To Tik Toker Claiming Her Son’s Name Is Jacob

Petty Nicki Minaj son
Kenneth Petty, Papa Bear and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is making it clear that when or if she releases her son’s name, it will be on her terms.

The rapper has kept her son’s name a mystery, and despite him celebrating his second birthday recently, she and others continue to refer to him affectionately as “Papa Bear.” That has not stopped fans, and even those Nicki calls haters or “duds” from trying to share tea on Papa Bear. A Tik Toker recently tried it, but the Queens rapper wasn’t pleased about the woman trying to guess her son’s name.

In the video, the woman shared herself singing the lyric “she’s alright, that girl’s alright with me,” by The Temptations with a photo of Nicki and Papa captioned, “Jacob’ papa bear’ Petty.”

Nicki Minaj popped up in the comments as she insulted the Tik Toker. “That’s definitely not his name but atleast you got some views & likes, right?”

Alex Fine, Cassie, Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty

In the comments, some fans defended Minaj’s calling the woman out, particularly in relation to social media users making viral trends involving the children of celebs.

“Y’all sound slow asf in the comments. It’s her child that is attached to a megastar. So it’s not just a name. You see how yall got yoshon name involved in everything and the lil kid don’t even have media yet. If it’s just a name, why y’all care about knowing it??” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Nah Nicki def called him Jacob in a video. She think she slick lol,” another fan wrote.

“I really believe he’s a Jr. that’s why she won’t say. They will definitely get her n ask her why she name her baby a name who is on the sex offenders list,” another person said.

The name of Minaj’s son continues to perplex mainly her fans.

A week ago, Nicki Minaj shared a video where she seemed to have called the boy by a name. “Hi Jacob,” she is heard saying as the baby smiles, and she laughs. Some fans online felt that Papa Bear’s first or middle name is Jacob. The artist might be open about a lot of things, but she continues to be private about her son. She recently shared photos and videos from her son’s 2nd Minion-themed part, more than a month after the event.