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Cardi B Tribute Migos and Offset Very Distraught Over Takeoff’s Death

Offset Cardi B
Offset, Cardi B

Cardi B paid a little tribute to Migos as her husband Offset continues to mourn the death of Takeoff.

Cardi B and her husband Offset have been quiet in recent days as their family deals with the tragic loss of their cousin and family member, Takeoff, who was shot and killed early Tuesday morning outside Houston bowling alley. Sources told Urban Islandz that Set is very distraught and takes the death hard especially since he and Takeoff and Quavo weren’t on the best of terms in their relationship.

“There is great sadness all around and Offset is quite distraught over what happened, Takeoff was like his little brother,” sources told us.

Houston police are still piecing together details to figure out what happened that led to the tragedy, but no suspect has been identified as yet, although one person of interest has been listed.

On Thursday, Offset continued to mourn as he paid tribute by changing his display photo on Twitter from one of just Takeoff to now one of the Migos in better times.

Cardi B has not publicly addressed the death of Takeoff, but she reposted a video of an interview by Complex that was done with the Migos months before their break up.

In the video, the hosts ask the rappers what is the best gift each of the rappers has given to the other.

“My best gift for my brothers is my brothers,” Offset says about Quavo and Takeoff, who are his cousins. “None of us would be here without each other. We hold each other up through hard times, through good times we’re all we got.”

Takeoff, who is usually one who speaks very little, added, “I gotta go with him on that but I marked dude’s name in this ring right there,” while sharing a photo of him and Quavo, who grew up together despite being the same age. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle.

The group has been credited for their contribution to a new sound in rap music and being one of the few longstanding groups spending about ten years together until their reported split in July.

Over the course of their career, the group collaborated with Cardi B on tracks “Motorsport,” “Drip,” and “Type Sh*t.”

Shortly before his death, Takeoff had set out on a new venture with his uncle Quavo and released their duo’s debut single, “Hotel Lobby (Unc & Phew),” which debuted at No. 59 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Takeoff’s family has not addressed the death of the rapper as yet.