Spice Fans and Friends Offered Prayers Amid Growing Health Concerns

Spice | @spiceofficial

Spice fans and friends are rallying to offer prayers and comfort amid growing concerns around her health.

The Love and Hip Hop cast member’s medical has reportedly deteriorated over the last 24 hours, media reports in Jamaica claim. The news comes just a day after a close friend of Spice’s family claimed that the artist had a heart attack while in the Dominican Republic, but she was stable and recovering.

There are reports that Spice had traveled to the Caribbean island known for inexpensive cosmetic surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). Earlier reports claimed the artist was in a coma after suffering post-surgical complications. Spice’s booking agent Ray Alexander publicly denied that the artist was in a coma but did not say whether she was in the DR or had any kind of surgery.

However, reports by Nationwide News Network claim that the artist’s medical condition has worsened, causing anxiety and panic among her large fan base. The radio station said that the Jamaican artiste was presently in hospital in serious condition, and a family member had been summoned to the Caribbean island to be there with her.


The “Romping Shop” artist’s team has not commented on her health, but her close friend Lisa Hanna shared an image with blue hearts on Thursday. The Jamaican Consul in New York, Alsion Wilson, also shared a photo of herself and Spice with blue hearts, sparking concerns from fans as the artist is close to those women.

On Thursday, a friend of Spice’s family and veteran dancehall DJ Robbo Ranx also confirmed that the artist had had surgery in DR and she suffered a heart attack.

News of Spice’s condition was first shared by a popular Instagram page that follows celebrities who get plastic surgery, where it asked for prayers for the artist after sharing that she suffered complications after doing a round 2 on her BBL.

“I have spoken to a family member. As you know Spice has spent many months and she went to school and spent a small period of her life over in North London. I spoke to a family member and what we have is that she had a heart attack… but she is stable. That’s the news I got this morning,” Robbo Ranx said while speaking on local Jamaican radio station Bridge FM.

Ranx had, however, said the artist was “stable” on Thursday morning.

D’Angel, who had a recent social media spat with Spice, issued a statement asking her fans to pray for the Queen of Dancehall.

“Where do i start smh Alot has been circulating in the media but i’m here to say that the devil is a liar so whatever you’re going through just know that God is in control and you will pull through Gracey,” D’Angel wrote. “Let’s all stop what we’re doing right NOW! and pray for Spice speedy recovery back to normality. Lord remember her kids depends on her and i can’t imagine what they would do withoout her. No one should be judging or condeming at this time because we’re all humans and anything can happened to anyone.”