Love and Hip Hop Spice Fans Blast Tommie Lee As Feud Deepens

Spice and Tommie Lee

Spice fans are on the attack as her feud with Tommie Lee deepens.

We can hardly believe that these two “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” ladies are beefing given the fact that they just released a music video for their collaborative single “Imma Get It.” In case you have been in the dark, Spice and Tommie Lee but heads on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show aired this week. Tommie calls Spice music videos trash, but the dancehall star pushed back saying that her reality TV co-star is trying to discredit her work even though she has the track record to prove it.

Spice fans agree with her that Tommie Lee is not nearly as successful as her, and that the hate is coming from a place of jealousy. “Tommie you’re an unprofessional drunk. Whether Spice’s videos are trash or not YOU WANTED TO WORK WITH HER! Don’t discredit Spice #LHHReunion,” one fan wrote

“I was so annoyed spice went on love and hip hop. That’s how Tommie will think they’re on the same level,” another fan added.*tch7/status/1013977228521156608