Lady Saw Prays For Spice Amid BBL Surgery Complication Rumors In DR

Lady Saw Marion and Spice
Marion Hall, Spice

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, on Wednesday shared alarming news that Dancehall Queen Spice was in the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery but that she had post-surgery complications, and her life may be in danger.

A rumor began spreading on Wednesday midday that Spice had traveled to the Spanish country, which is well-known for cosmetic surgery, particularly Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries, and that she had a procedure done. The dancehall artist has reportedly suffered complications.

Details have not been shared, and there is no official confirmation from Spice or any of the Love & Hip Hop star’s management.

However, Hall, who was on Instagram Live conducting her Christian live show, was told by a follower about Spice, and she proceeded to pray and call for prayers for the “Sheet” artist.

“I don’t know why her mother named her Grace, but your grace God of glory has kept us. Your grace has given us chances after chances. I pray now deliver her,” Marion Hall said.

“It doesn’t matter what she had done to me. I pray now you know God as I hold my hand up I never done evil to her. I had loved her God of glory with a pure loving heart, and I was there for her, God and God you be there for her now,” she continued.

Hall added in prayer, “Please God, please God, bring her back, bring her back out of that darkness into your light. Let your light shine upon her, God, strengthen her God, give her another another chance.”

A woman on Instagram claims that Spice had traveled to DR for a round two BBL, and she was released to a recovery house. One post claims that the artist was in a coma and had been in a coma over the last 36 hours due to surgery complications.

Spice, in the past, confirmed that she had a BBL but also said that despite her weight gain, she did not want to do another BBL.

In the meantime, fans of Spice called out Hall for being messy and blasting the news about Spice under pretensions of concern for her well-being.

Hall has been at loggerheads with Spice, whom she in the past accused of doing “obeah” on her and claiming that Spice was behind her leaving dancehall music.

The women are not on good terms and had a blow-up earlier this year.

“Christianity turns the most sensible People into Zombies who constantly talk to themselves,” Downsound producer Skatta Burrell wrote on Instagram.

“SMH. Why shi nuh call Spice or pray for her privately?” another person wrote.

“I neva see a lady me dislike so much. You just love problems fi a big woman. You love the lady name eeeh you would be the last person she need prayer from. Move and Leggo the lady name man kmt. All when she’s giving social media a break unu still a call up her name,” another Spice fan wrote.

Another person chided her writing, “Minister Marion you need to forgive yourself and forgive Spice and move on. This right here is very much pharisaical. If you’re pure and mean her well, pray for her in your private closet. The world doesn’t need to see and know that you’re praying for her. I love you but enough now! Move on!”