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Cardi B Channels Lil Baby In Reacting To Quavo Choosing Nicki Minaj Over Her

Cardi B, Quavo and Nicki Minaj

Cardi B channels her inner Lil Baby in reacting to Migos remaining members choosing Nicki Minaj over her.

Quavo seems to be taking a side in the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feud as he signals that he is for team Nicki months after he appears to have a falling out with the Bronx rapper and her husband Offset, who is Quavo’s cousin.

A leaked clip has been circulating on the internet on Friday ahead of an upcoming interview on Drink Champs featuring Quavo and Take-Off. The audio clip has N.O.R.E asking, “Nicki or Cardi B?” Quavo responded, “Hmmm mmhmm,” while the men in the show can be heard laughing and guffawing. “Um Imma say uh Nicki,” Quavo says after a long pause.

A usually quiet Takeoff also opined, “Yea, see honestly would say the same thing it’s crazy.”

Minaj and Cardi are presently locked into a nasty beef that has drawn for loyalties in the past few months. The latest statement by Quavo also seems to hint that he’s ready to burn bridges with his cousin Offset and his wife Cardi B. The couple appeared to unfollow Quavo and Takeoff, who also form part of the rap group, Migos.

Since July, the group appears to have split as they canceled several performances, including the Governor’s Ball, and they have also separately released music as solo artists (Offset) or as a duo (Quavo and Takeoff).

On Friday, Cardi B appeared to respond to the viral clip with a cryptic message on her Instagram account.


“Stand on it,” she wrote with the mean kitty emoji. “Stand On It” is also the title of Lil Baby’s new single where he take a few digs at Quavo over their past spat over Saweetie.

The turn of events is surprising, particularly as Quavo is no friend of Minaj and someone the Queens rapper has vowed not to deal with after he allegedly instigated a beef between her and Cardi.

In 2018, Quavo famously dissed Nicki in his track “Huncho Dreams,” where he insinuated that he slept with the rapper. He was also allegedly the spark that set off the nasty beef with Minaj and Cardi B after a misunderstanding over their collaboration on “Motorsport,” which saw Minaj saying she was disappointed with how things went, especially as Quavo did not back her up.

Earlier this year, Quavo seemed to prick at Cardi after he shared a video of himself listening to Nicki’s song “Do We Have A Problem?” featuring Lil Baby.

In the meantime, Bardi fans expressed anger at Quavo and Take-Off on Twitter for the statement.

“I cant believe deez n***as actin like HOES with Bardi. Sh** look weak af,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I’m not surprised but I’m blew by the flip flopping. Quavo fake ass ain’t pick Nicki when she asked him to clear that Motorsport mess up, he pmo,” another person said.

“It would bring me so much joy if Cardi and Nicki squashed they beef and linked up against Quavo and TakeOff cause them boys was singing a different tune when Motorsport came out. At this point they going out bad REAL BAD. They was super corny for even answering that question,” another person said.

“Quavo the same man that clowned Nicki in Huncho Dreams for allowing him to nut on her face. I can guarantee we don’t care about them choosing her we laughing like hell,” another person wrote.