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Latto Shares Audio Of Heated Nicki Minaj Phone Conversation


Things are getting fiery with Latto and Nicki Minaj as both rappers go head-on and refuse to back down following their blow-up on Twitter on Thursday (Oct 13).

On Friday, Latto shared a phone call with Nicki Minaj at the height of their beef. Nicki Minaj appeared to direct her anger at Latto after her song “Super Freaky Girl” was removed by the Grammy’s from the rap category and put in the pop category.

On Twitter, Latto claimed that Minaj’s rants were not about her Grammy nomination but that she had intended to beef with Latto. In a series of tweets, Latto hit out at the rapper, whom she called a bully.

“With all this being said this wasn’t JUST about a Grammy category. U being funny bringing me up to defend ur case knowing our last convo didn’t end on good terms. U literally told me I’m not “flourishing,” and no one cares about my “little song” otp lol
@NICKIMINAJ,” Latto accused Minaj.

In another tweet, Latto also responded to now-deleted tweets by Minaj, which seemed to pit Latto against other rappers.

In the phone call, Latto is heard asking Minaj about her subtweeting her and explaining that she has always shown Minaj love in all of her interviews and online, only for the “Likkle Miss” rapper to come around and show her hate in return.

“it’s delusional to say other girls are flourishing?” Latto asks Minaj, who called her delusional on Twitter.

Minaj answers, “what do you think you wanna say about, let’s let you say about, let’s let you finish your statement about what rappers were doing before and what they’re doing now,” Minaj says.

Latto says, “for a long time before it was you,” as she begins to answer Minaj.

Nicki Minaj interjects, “you didn’t do your research. Imma have somebody send you the info about the women in the last 10 years who have had Billboard recognition, worldwide global recognition since you are clearly putting yourself above these people.”

“No, I’m not, that’s purposely [misinterpreting],” Latto tells Nicki Minaj as she says she will continue to show love for the veteran rapper and support her from the sidelines.

“I’m gonna support you from the sidelines because I can’t do it publicly when someone is literally subtweeting me for no reason, purposely trying to misinterpret what I am saying, I respect you too much to go back and forth with you,” Latto told Minaj.

Nicki Minaj, however, seems convinced that Latto has to learn some important lesson, although she failed to articulate what that lesson is, and when Latto asked, she quickly ended the call by saying she had a zoom call.

On Twitter, Latto explains the phone call and the reason she called and recorded the rapper.

“Lemme specify I’m sorry. Im delusional for saying ‘we’re’ (newer female rappers) are flourishing & u said no one cares about my little song LYRICS my bad. FYI I only recorded cause I KNOW who tf I’m playing wit #40yroldbully,” she said

In another tweet, she called out Minaj for being messy. “This lady so meticulous w her shade so she can twist it later and act like it wasn’t about you. Stand on that sh*t.”

Latto also said that Minaj also didn’t want to collaborate with her, and her behavior has shown she is a problem. “I’ll die on this hill by myself! Everybody ain’t lying on you! We see the pattern! BFFR!” one tweet read.

“The feature was never the problem..u passed on the TWO songs I sent & I still showed love??? U not the only person I’ve sent songs to that passed lmao. Never took offense. IMA RAPPER. Cute way to spin the narrative tho,” she also said.

Latto also responded to Minaj’s tweet accusing her of using ghostwriters, where she said that the older rapper had recommended writers she used.

“I’ll post em my got damn self. They’ll all tell u I WRITE TOO! I heard a few of ur refs before they came out too boo. U forgot WE ALL collab w the same writers?? Difference is I don’t deny it. The world seen me writing since 16 on national TV tho.”