50 Cent Criticized His Son Marquise Jackson On His 26th Birthday

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent says his son, who is 26 today, is too old to be talking about child support

It looks like all 50 Cent‘s son, Marquise Jackson, wanted was his father’s attention. His way of getting it was his $6,700 offer for some quality father-son time. That’s if we’re to go by a recent interview that he did with TMZ, where he expressed that all he really wanted was to have a conversation with his dad and get his side of why their relationship is so strained. He’s willing to do it even if they don’t agree with each other.

Marquise Jackson admitted that he was quite unsure as to if a sit-down would bring any sort of healing but that he wanted to extend an olive branch. “If you’re up for it, I’m up for it. I’m definitely willing to sit down with him so I can hear his perspective and gain a little bit of understanding. We’re both men at the end of the day – we should be able to agree and disagree and it not be a problem,” he further shared.

Jackson went on to say that his father, for some reason, believes that he is just an entitled kid, but he knows that is not the case. For him, It’s never been about the money but more so the relationship with his dad, he added.

Marquise Jackson once again reiterated that he has no idea if any sort of good would come about with a meeting with the veteran rapper, but he really wants to try and make peace. He also has questions that he thinks he needs to ask for clarity about their current relationship.

Again he said it was something he would be willing to pay for in the interest of healing. “Maybe we could just gain understanding of each other, maybe we could understand each other a little bit better, and maybe that’s what a better situation looks like. But I can’t tell you exactly what it should look like or what it would look like,” he added.

He continued on to say that as he got more mature, he started to think more about their relationship, and while he thinks that the situation is unfortunate, he’s just not sure what can be done at this point.

Just earlier this month, the younger Jackson caused a social media storm when he offered his father the $6,700-a-month child support payment for a sit-down. His reasoning at the time was that the money he received from 50 Cent wasn’t enough to maintain his lifestyle in New York City.

When fans shared their opinion of his attitude, he made the offer.

“Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money someone tell my pops I will pay him $6,700 for just 24hr of his time so we can do everything I ever wanted to do with him as a kid,” he wrote at the time while spelling out “Entitled” with cash in his photo.

The successful television exec has since responded by sharing a screenshot of a comment Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. made on his son’s post.

Marquise Jackson went after his dad again yesterday, October 12, by sharing a poster for a parody TV show called Power Book III: Raising Marquise in place of 50 Cent’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan series.

50 Cent’s response to all of that is to share a video clip of himself in his bathtub and seeing his son on his TV. “This ni***’s crazy. You 25 years old, why you still talking about child support?” Fifty said.