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Boosie Badazz Son Tootie Raww Burn Yeezy Foam Runner: ‘Don’t speak on Boosie’

Boosie Badazz son Tootie
Boosie Badazz son Tootie

Boosie Badazz’s son Tootie Raww is showing support for his father and ensuring that a message is sent to Kanye West not to mess with the Boosie clan.

Hours after Kanye erupted at Lil Boosie, who called him out for his White Lives Matter shirts at Paris Fashion Week, Boosie’s son, who appears to be taking his father’s side, shared a video of him burning a pair of Yeezy foam runners. “Don’t speak on Boosie,” words on the video said. “It’s BBQ time.. go get the chicken.”

Tootie Raww’s friends were also in the video cheering him on as he poured gasoline on the Yeezy shoes. “No more f***ing Yeezys,” Tootie says while another person in the video says, “Kanye West…it’s over with West.”

The black foam runners are burnt with accelerant fluid while the young men joke around. The reaction comes following Kanye’s response to Boosie after the rapper said in a Drink Champs interview that the ‘Donda’ rapper was irresponsible for the WLM shirts as the black community still faces police brutality and killings at the hands of mainly white officers.

“Everybody know people matter but ‘that lives matter?’ When we promoting that, what we done been through, Let us get our glory, man, don’t be no f**king pig in stow,” Boosie said in a passionate rant on Drink Champs.

Tootie Raww

“For which our people done suffer and still suffering to this day. Aint Nobody getting done like blacks getting done from 3/400 years to this day and you a f**king conglomerate. Don’t put no f**king White Lives Matter on…dye your face then n****a,” Boosie angrily went off.

Kanye West also responded to Boosie calling him a nerd in a post on his Instagram that has since been deleted.

West also claimed that the backlash he was receiving was bullying by “bullying” by black celebrities and had a weird message.

“I’m the one that got bullied by the entire Black celebrity community,” Kanye said in the post, which caught a lot of attention. “Now I’m back to shoot the school up.”

Boosie also chided the father of four for seemingly joking about shooting up schools.

“Talking about u back to shoot the school up n u got a school is not the right words #startthinkingbeforeyoutalk I don’t want no smoke @kanyewest just couldn’t let u do that our race!!” Boosie said in response.

Boosie Badazz ended his statement by calling on Kanye West’s loved ones to get help for him amid his week-long meltdown on social media.