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Kanye West Labels Diddy A “Fed” and Calls Boosie A “Nerd” In Heated DM

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West has declared war and threatened to make Diddy an “example” after the Hip Hop mogul aired his disagreement with Kanye’s White Lives Matter t-shirts that debuted in Paris this week. Ye is also targeting Boosie Badazz who called him out this week.

On Thursday (Oct 7), Diddy publicly disagreed with Kanye and said that his endorsement of the WLM phrase threatened to hurt the black community. It seems that Diddy had also tried to reach out to Kanye to speak to him. In screenshots of text messages between him and Diddy, Kanye went off on the “Gotta Move On” rapper, and things got tense, with Diddy even asking to meet up with Kanye.

“Ni*** fuu**** you. You fed,” Kanye wrote in response to Diddy asking for him to send his address so they can meet face to face after he lands.

Diddy responded to Kanye’s message, writing: “N***a send me a address. Let’s stop playing these internet games. And don’t feel threatened. You’ll be fine. Just Love.” Kanye West, however, threatened to use Diddy as an “example” and said no one could threaten or influence him.

“This ain’t a game,” He wrote.

“Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me. I told you this was war. Now gone get you some business.”

Diddy replied much more calmy as he reasoned with Kanye, “I’m just trying to talk to you as a Black man. And I’m talking to you because this is hurting our people. Stop.”

Kanye disregarded Diddy’s plea, writing back, “Anything you text I will post. I love you. And you guys are breaking my heart. I accept your apology in advance.”

Kanye and Diddy’s relationship were closer before this latest blow-up. At the 2022 BET Awards in June, Kanye offered guest remarks for Diddy’s Lifetime Achievement Award where he praised the rapper for breaking boundaries in hip hop and being a friend and confidant that he always goes to for advice.

The friends’ rift appears to be caused by Diddy’s remarks where he shared that he was not here for Kanye’s latest controversial actions.

“I don’t rock with it, you know what I’m saying? I’m not with it,” Diddy began.

“Right now, we’re the ones that are dying. There really ain’t no time for no other lives matter right now but the tribe. You have to be unapologetically Black and love your people and love your tribe first,” he told his followers.

Diddy is not the only one getting smoke from Kanye. Boosie BadAzz was also addressed by Kanye. Boosie was among the first celebrity who called out Kanye for the offensive shirts. While on Drink Champs, Boosie lashed out at Kanye over the shirts.

“Everybody know people matter but ‘that lives matter?’ When we promoting that, what we done been through, Let us get our glory, man, don’t be no f**king pig in stow. For which our people done suffer and still suffering to this day. Aint Nobody getting done like blacks getting done from 3/400 years to this day and you a f**king conglomerate. Don’t put no f**king White Lives Matter on…dye your face then n****a,” Boosie angrily went off.

Kanye wasn’t fazed by Boosie’s comments telling him to bleach his skin, instead writing, “Don’t speak on me, Lil Boosie, speak to me,” he wrote in a caption on IG, which showed a collage of the Louisiana rapper.

“Yeah, little nerd-ass me. Come smack me or come shoot me. I’m the one that got bullied by the entire Black celebrity community. Now I’m back to shoot the school up.”

Kanye West also clapped back at Boosie Badazz calling him a nerd. “Don’t speak on me, Lil Boosie, speak to me,” Ye said. “Yeah, little nerd-a** me. Come smack me or come shoot me. I’m the one that got bullied by the entire Black celebrity community. Now I’m back to shoot the school up.”