Nicki Minaj Expands Skeng’s ‘Likkle Miss’ With Spice, Destra Garcia, Dovey Magnum & More

Spice, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj taps a bunch of females including ladies from dancehall and soca for an extended version of Skeng’s “Likkle Miss” remix.

Spice has gotten her long-awaited collaboration with Nicki Minaj as the Queens rapper previewed a surprise track “Likkle Miss,” featuring several surprise female talents from the Caribbean on Wednesday night. Minaj first previewed verses by herself, Spice, and Lisa Mercedez during an Instagram Live video. A graphic was also shared on her Instagram feed teasing the track and leaving her fans curious as to who the featured artists would be.

“I have 9 cards in my hand. #TheFINE9 #QueenRadio in one hour to learn more,” she captioned an image of women wearing pink balaclava masks, pink bra tops, and bright pink fishnet stockings.

In the comment section of her post, she hinted that she was putting on her island girls. “Tonight’s show is for island gal dem ONLY…Island man, GVN MAN ONLY. If you were not born in a beautiful warn island with CLEAR beaches GWEH!!!” she joked in a comment.

In later Instagram Stories, Minaj also shared a collage of the Caribbean talents she was adding to the remix- soca veterans and Trinidadian artists Destra Garcia and Patrice Roberts and Jamaicans Lisa Mercedez, Pamputtae, Lady Leshurr, Dovey Magnum, Spice, and London Hill.

Shortly after the song’s release, “TheFINE9 began trending in the U.S on Twitter.

“Likkle Miss” is a song originally by Jamaican artist Skeng Don. The track was later remixed by Minaj and Skeng, and a video was released two weeks ago. On Thursday, Spice reacted to her feature on the track.

“Besties Wake up ?? @nickiminaj release #FINE9 #LittleMissRemix and I’m one of them. Let’s gooooooo run this up for the culture #Caribbeangirlsrunit Dancehall The man say mi little like the space inna fork teeth,” Spice wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Patrice Roberts shared an emotional comment on Instagram about her experience collaborating with Minaj and even spoke about keeping the movements a secret.

“The only words that are coming to mind at present are: Gratitude and Happiness,” she wrote on her Instagram feed. “Thank you QUEEN @nickiminaj for seeing my talent and finding it fitting to include me on this project with you and 7 other amazing queens ( @spiceofficial @lisamercedez @pamputtae @doveymagnum @destragarcia @londonhilll @imladyleshurr0. Representation is important not only as women but it is important for our island Trinidad and Tobago and Soca music. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to see it unfold. Much love to all the women involved in this project… Thank you to my team for the support throughout this tightlipped process!” she said whilst also thanking her writers.

Lisa Mercedez also reacted with an emotional post.

“Who God Bless No Man Curse! GRATITUDE IS A MUST. It’s The Way How We Love And Support Each Other 4 Me,” she began. “Words Cannot Express How Much I’m Forever Grateful For This Opportunity, I’m So Ecstatic To Be Apart Of This Historical Project @nickiminaj This Is A Moment That I Will Never Forget. BIG UP YUH SELF MUMA,” she added.

Dovey Magnum also ensured that she paid homage to Skeng Don while expressing gratitude for being on the song.

“Ayo Dovey @nickiminaj iconic & never been done !! #history for us Caribbean ladies and I’m honor to be apart of this. #bawloutnation one in the books !!! Jamaica stand tf up!!! @skeng.don gvnman now bad yuh bad inna all a this!” She wrote.

Lady Leshurr also wrote, “This is surreal to be apart of. Massive Love and respect to @nickiminaj for getting me out of writers block and letting me have this opportunity to shine with all my other ladies every girl went [fire emoji[ and @nickiminaj’s making history yet again by putting loads of females on one track like it’s the 90’s. The way you back mi name before I enter LEESSSH.”

London Hill also shared admiration for Minaj and gratitude for being selected for the track.

“A blessing! God don’t miss. NOT EVEN A LIKKLE. #LikkleMissUpPrice Thank you so much QUEEN! The Queen. QUEEN. QUEEN. NICKI MINAJ. THE QUEEN OF HIP HOP. Thank you so much for this. I’m forever thankful. Y’all I look up to this lady. I’m on theeeee @nickiminaj song! Ima be talking bout this for the rest of my life. The doors slammed in my face the ppl that doubted me and left me in the dirt and I loveee the people that has always been supporting me don’t give up on your dreams THANK YOU So Muchhhh Onikaaaa my idol, sister, mentor,” she wrote.

One of dancehall’s finest, Pamputtae, also shared a thoughtful message of gratitude.

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of it self. Talent win games but team work win championship,” she began… “Big up u self @nickiminaj for doing this woman power God bless u ppl go and support dis,” she added.

Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, Chart Data announced that “The Fine Nine” remix entered the top 3 on the U.S iTunes chart.