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YG Bashed For ‘How To Rob A Rapper’ Song In Wake Of PnB Rock’s Death


As many in the rap community continue to urge rappers to take better precautions and ease up on the violent lyrics, YG has decided to do the complete opposite. He’s also getting an earful from the community because of his track “How to Rob a Rapper.”

Many have said that the track is very insensitive in light of the recent murder of PnB Rock. The track is on the rapper’s latest album, I Got Issues, which dropped on Friday, September 30, just a few short weeks after PnB was fatally shot during a robbery in Los Angeles.

The track has features from Cali MCs Mozzy and D3szn and sees YG’s lyrics supposedly tapping onto “the mind of a muthaf***ing maniac” as he eerily drops a step-by-step guide on how to stick up a Hip Hop artist.

Another lyric featured includes, “Peep game, I’ma teach you how to rob a rapper / Catch a n**** lackin’, he slackin’ on IG Live / He gon’ show his whereabouts on accident, he be high / He gon’ show the jewels he wearin’ and the car that he drive,” he raps.

That one hits close to home since it’s since been revealed that PnB Rock’s sharing of his location on Instagram may have been one of the reasons that he was targeted. Even though other evidence that has since come to light may indicate that the would-be killers were waiting in the parking lot before he arrived.

YG recently released the video for the song yesterday, Monday, October 3. The Compton native has since faced major backlash for his timing on social media.

“In light of PnB Rock being robbed and murdered in LA, YG dropping a song called ‘How to Rob a Rapper’ is a lil too much,” one person tweeted, as another added: “I ain’t saying YG dissing Pnb Rock with his new song but the timing is terrible.”

Other hip-hop fans have weighed in, and some have even called for him to totally remove the song from the album. Another user believed that Def Jam should be held accountable since they were the ones that allowed the track to be released.

Master troll 50 CENT seemed to like the song, however, but considering some of his early work, that should come as little surprise. He took to Instagram to share his views on the track.

“Yeah this sh*t hard,@Yg ‘How To Rob’ Check this sh*t out. Boom,” he posted alongside a screenshot of the music video.

YG was grateful for the approval from the New York native and responded in the comments section, “had to flip yo sh*tt gang.”

That’s about the only comment that he’s made so far on the matter, as he hasn’t officially addressed the controversy surrounding the song. The song may have been a bit of bad timing, though, as he did pay tribute to PnB Rock following his death. “Damn gang long live PnB Rock sh*tt ain’t bool in da bity,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories at that time.

Take a look at some of the responses to the track below.