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Chrisean Rock Leaked Video With Blueface After Alleged Cheating

Blueface Chrisean
Blueface and Chrisean Rock / Zeus Network

The drama between Chrisean Rock and Blueface is never-ending. The couple appears to have broken up after Rock caught Blueface cheating in bed with another woman.

On Sunday, Chrisean Rock revealed that she caught Blueface cheating on her. This time, she revealed that she chose not to go to jail by beating him up, although she shared that she broke mirrors and windows in their hotel room.

“I almost went to jail, yo. I swear to God,” she said on live while twiddling Blueface’s phone, which she said she kept to see if any female would call him. “I broke everything in my hotel room in front of that n***a [Blueface].”

“I broke the TV, the window,” she continued. “He had to run from that hotel to another.”

In the video, Rock ranted about the “Thotiana” rapper being involved with a woman she calls “broke” and a “groupie.” There’s a video that also shows the mystery woman taking a video of herself while Blueface is seen lying in bed, possibly asleep.

The drama also involved Blueface’s baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis. While on Instagram live, the rapper’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, called his phone, and she and Rock had a brief conversation. Rock also accidentally shared a photo of Blueface’s newborn baby on the live video, possibly to get back at the baby’s mother. The reality star breaks down on IG live. “I’m hurting inside, [man],” she said.

Blueface’s baby mother also appeared to confirm that she was still involved with him as she shared a text message where the rapper said that he loved her and he was going to see her for her birthday soon.

“Happy Birthday baby I love you ima come see you today,” the text message read.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram account, Rock shared that she has had enough of the cheating. “Y’all can have him. Chrisean Rock is single. Chrisean you are enough,” she wrote. She also appeared to unfollow Blueface and also remove him as her agent for bookings on her Instagram account.

Blueface also had a message for Rock. “I ain’t never been single I always kept a couple,” he said on Twitter.

Chrisean Rock also leaked a video of herself and Blueface on her Instagram Stort. The clip is currently making the rounds on Twitter.