PnB Rock Murder Case: Police Looking For Fourth Unidentified Suspect

PnB Rock

Los Angeles Police are leaving no stone unturned as they seek to bring to justice all who are involved in the murder of rapper PnB Rock.

On Friday, Freddie Lee Trone, his 17-year-old son, and Shauntel Trone, who is married to the elder Trone, were all charged with various offenses in the murder of PnB Rock, who was killed on September 12.

In court, prosecutors disclosed the gruesome details of how the father and son carried out their murder plot and even said that the crime family did not act alone as there is a fourth suspect who reportedly set up the robbery to begin with.

The fourth suspect is said to be the one who tipped off the elder Trone about the rapper’s presence at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in L.A.

“Police are reportedly seeking a fourth suspect in the incident, as they believe this person tipped off the shooter about PnB Rock’s location,” a document by prosecutors read.

According to Fox L.A. reporter Gigi Graciette who reported on the latest court hearing, the prosecution shared a description of the suspect, who is yet unidentified. The suspect was seen presumably on surveillance camera footage meeting with Trone outside of the restaurant. The suspect in red is suspected to be the one who informed Trone that the rapper was inside and was wearing expensive jewelry.

Freddie Lee Trone is accused of then leaving the restaurant and going to collect his son to bring him to the restaurant. Video evidence shows the teen going into the restaurant and is seen “walking right by the mystery man in red.”

Chilling details reveal that the 17-year-old was armed and walked straight to PnB Rock’s table, where he demanded to the rapper and his girlfriend, “Give me all of your jewelry now.” Within seconds, he shot PnB without any resistance or provocation.

There are reports that the rapper and his girlfriend were both robbed of their belongings.

Details about what happened next are documented in the complaint, where it says that as PnB falls after the first shot, the 17-year-old shoots him two more times in his back.

He then turned to Rock’s girlfriend, Steffanie Sibhounheaung, and threatened to shoot her. “Show me your hands. Give me that sh*t right now. I swear to God. I shoot you in the head,” the complaint reads.

The young killer is not finished as while the rapper lay in his dying moments, he robbed him, removing chains, his watch, and rings.

Prosecutors also shared that the teenager then gets into his father’s car, and they are seen driving off to their home, but instead, they park a few blocks and walk home. Trone Senior fled the state of California and was captured in Las Vegas on September 29, where he is awaiting extradition.

Trone’s wife and the teen’s stepmother, Shauntel, appeared in court on Friday, where she openly cried. She is facing charges of harboring a fugitive and aiding and abetting the killer and his father.

In the meantime, the teenager’s name has not been released as yet. A decision as to whether he will be charged as an adult, given the nature of the crime, is being considered.

The teen and his father are jointly charged with murder, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery. Prosecutors hint that more charges could follow once police arrest the fourth suspect who is accused of starting the chain of events.