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Cardi B Shares The First Time Offset Told Her “I Love You”

Offset Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B

Cardi B does not fail to share how much she loves and adores her husband, rapper Offset.

Cardi B and Offset recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, and their relationship has now borne fruit with two beautiful children as they add to Offset’s brood. In the time they have dated, it’s been no secret that Cardi has had her fair share of heartbreaks due to rumors that the rapper had cheated on her.

Despite those times, Cardi B has maintained that she loved Offset, although she has demanded her boundaries be respected and the Migos rapper has kept out of trouble.

Known for sharing the gory details about her and Offset’s sex life, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared a sweet memory of when they were first dating.

“I remember the first time Set told me he loved me……. I called all my 15 friends right after,” on her Twitter account.

The rapper’s sweet memory saw many of her fans react to the post. Some, of course, admired Cardi’s love life with Offset, while others were more curious about her friendships.

“damn where’d you find 15 friends,” one person wrote. “I’m waiting on that Someone,” another said. “Omg the first time my man said I LOVE YOU it was during sex and it was hella good at the moment yet once I busted I questioned it,” another fan said.

Offset and Cardi welcomed baby boy Wave, who celebrated his second birthday earlier this month. They also have a daughter, 4-year-old Kulture, while Cardi also accepts his other children from previous relationships- two sons, one of whom has musical inclinations as a producer and a daughter.

Despite their amazing times together as a couple where they have shown love with luxurious gifts like a house in the Dominican Republic gifted to Cardi and she, in return spoiling him with money, the rappers have also had tough times with Cardi even filing for divorce in 2020, but they have since reconciled.

Cardi B

Recently, Offset praised Cardi for being loving and kind to his children.

“Luckily, I’m blessed with a beautiful wife that’s accepted my kids as hers and family, so it’s always mandatory,” the Migos rapper said. “It’s mandatory they all celebrate with each other and grow up with each other because they love each other.”

While Cardi B and Offset’s marriage is on good terms right now, the couple has had their fair share of turmoil. The Bronx rapper has filed for divorce on at least two occasions following alleged cheating. Each time, Offset managed to win her over, leading to her dismissing the divorce petition.