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Ray J Tells Charlamagne Tha God Sorry For Attack Over Kardashians Feud

Ray J
Ray J

Ray J issued rare apology to Charlamagne Tha God after calling him corny.

The R&B singer was not too pleased by the radio host doubting his answers in an interview on his podcast recently. Ray J had appeared on Charlamage’s private podcast, where he asked Ray J about his ongoing drama with the Kardashian clan, and the host was very clear by his questions that he didn’t feel that the R&B singer was an innocent party.

Ray J’s career has been in a rut for a while now, but he has been getting renewed attention with the ongoing feud with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, whom he accused of being the ones to have leaked his and Kim’s video.

Ray has maintained that the perception that he was the culprit that leaked the infamous video that has damaged his career and business relationships.

On Charlamagne Tha God’s podcast this week, he again brought up the claims. However, Charlamagne was skeptical that Ray J not only continues to make money from the tapes and even suggested that Ray J’s antics might even be part of a grand plan to create excitement for his ex’s current new show on Hulu.

However, Ray J was not pleased with Charlamagne’s suggestions and wrote a lengthy response that dragged the host, including calling him the “Donkey of the Decade.”

Charlamagne Tha God
Charlamagne Tha God

“You hella Corny bro for this,” Ray J wrote. “I’m really fighting for my kidz to know the real truth about their Dad be that’s the #1 most important thing to me as a father and a BLACK MAN- for my FAMILYS NAME.”

Ray J also called Charlamagne ‘lame’ and accused him of clickbait.

“The headliner for this post is thirsty,” he continues while adding that Charlemagne deserves ‘Donkey of the Decade’. “You almost worse than they are with this stupid ass question! ? – I don’t care what nobody say about me defending myself. I look at my daughter and son and what their future looks like and I PROMISE YOU- when.”

In later posts, Ray J apologized to the podcaster for his caustic remarks. The R&B singer is known to have outburst on social media, but this time he seems to admit he is in the wrong and issued an apology the the podcaster.

“Earlier today I saw a headline on @cthashow that made me very upset,” wrote the 41-year-old, “because I’m very serious about my truth – this is my life and my kids I’m representing! But the way I reacted was wrong – I should not have used those negative words and called @cthagod – that’s not the way I want to resolve an issue with somebody I respect. I have a lot on my back and mind right now and it’s taking a toll on me. I wanna apologize to you, nobody told me to do this- I haven’t picked up my phone because I feel it’s becoming toxic. This is from the heart I’m sorry for the way I reacted- it was very unprofessional. Peace and Love KING @cthagod.”

In the meantime, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has not responded to any of Ray J’s interviews, or many Instagram Live rants.