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Yung Miami Press Latto To Reveal Who Is Her Boyfriend On ‘Caresha Please’

Yung Miami, Latto

Latto sat down with Yung Miami on Caresha Please for some smoke.

Yung Miami’s laid-back and disarming interview style usually gets her interviewees talking, but it’s all a mystery still as her latest interview with fellow rapper Latto fails to elicit answers about whom the rapper is currently dating.

Latto might be the only rapper who can keep a secret as she has claimed to be in a relationship for almost two years now, but she has not dropped one hint as to who the lucky guy is. Her friends are to be commended too, as they have not revealed any detail about her private life despite sharing photos of her birthdays, lavish gifts, and vacations.

Latto has been linked to British-born rapper 21 Savage, but neither of them has confirmed anything. In a teaser for Yung Miami’s talk show, Caresha Please, hosted on Revolt, Latto sits down with the City Girl on her sixth episode, where she is asked one of the most important questions fans have about whom she is dating.

In the trailer, Yung Miami puts Latto in the hot seat as she asks her, “You ready for the smoke?” Latto replied. The Atlanta rapper coyly shares, “I’m not but I’m here so it is what it is.”

Fellow Miami rapper Saucy Santana is also seen on the show, where they grilled Latto on her sex life, love life, and even how she manages social media.

“Who is your man?,” the “Rap Freaks” rapper asked.

The trailer cuts before Latto can answer, but we already know what her answer is likely to be. Yung Miami shared a caption for the teaser, “Latto wasn’t ready for the smoke,” she wrote with laughing emojis.

Latto also responded to her in a comment, “Ahhh I’m so excited Thank you again!!!”

In the meantime, Latto has kept her romantic life private and has never publicly acknowledged a man. Just days ago, a man claimed that he was Latto’s ex-bf from around 2013 when she was 14 years old. The “Big Energy” rapper has, however, denied that she even knows the man, although he shares photos of them posing for a photograph. Fans of the rapper have explained that she has been performing since she was a child and may have taken the photo with a fan who is now misconstruing the photo context to go viral to aid his struggling music career.

In the meantime, Yung Miami has much to celebrate as her podcast was recently honored with a BET nomination for Best Hip Hop platform. Since launching the podcast, the City Girls rapper has been climbing up the ranks in that segment of the entertainment industry. So far, she has had Diddy, Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, and now Latto sits down with her on the show.