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Nicki Minaj Twitter Rant Earns A Spicy Response From Cardi B

Nicki Minaj Cardi B
Nicki Minaj, Cardi B

Nicki Minaj is getting more direct with her subtweets as she called out Cardi B for bashing a fan whose house was recently burnt down. Cardi has since respond where seemingly suggest her rap rival is using her for clout and is afraid to mention her directly.

Nicki Minaj has been on a Twitter rampage from Sunday night after an hour-long rant where she attacked Garcelle Beauvais for interviewing Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused her husband of rape, and she ranted about other rappers who were going up against her.

Some fans even felt that part of her rant was directed at Megan Thee Stallion, who wasted no time in responding to a claim by Minaj. According to the Trinidadian rapper, someone told her to have an abortion when she was in the early stages of pregnancy with her son. Her fans suggest that she is speaking about Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston rapper quickly responded calling the accusation lies.

On Monday, Minaj continued her subtweets which were easily deciphered as she hinted that she was going to launch a defamation lawsuit against bloggers.

While Minaj had earlier stated that the reason for the lawsuit was because Lee and others claimed that she was a cocaine user, it’s unclear why she was sub-tweeting at Cardi B.

One of her fans on Twitter posted, “yall peep what kyle just did? Purposely posted a shortened clip of what nicki said about garcelle so that people will drag her. He hasn’t posted sh*t about #that lady going to court this morning btw.”

Minaj had a response to the tweet as she called out Afernee and referenced a Cardi B tweet.

“Has he posted anything about b***hs making fun of someone’s house burning down? I had his a$$ on my show and barbz are the oone that got his site popping,” she wrote. “Stop going on that sh*t. Report & move on. And I haven’t seen his site today but I’m just saying.”


The incident Nicki Minaj is referring to is a response by Cardi B to a Twitter user who tried to troll her.

“B**ch please, you wear these once your body start to reject that surgery,” the commenter said about a photo of Cardi’s swollen feet. The Bronx rapper also had a savage reply for the troll. “You though you ate that like the fire ate your house …. Now go to your roo..oops my bad,” Cardi wrote back.


Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj also responded to a post by Lee where he said that he had submitted The Neighborhood Talk to be verified by Instagram in response to Minaj vindictively asking her thousands of fans to report the page and shut it down.

Minaj also had a cheeky reply to a fan who shared the post and said, “the DUDS are working together.”

“Exactly. We been knew he doing his dirty work. what yOu NoT gon Do is be able to afford this defamation lawsuit. Lmaooooo Judd [Burstein] (Minaj’s lawyer) said in 40 years he’s never seen anyones fanbase send this much evidence in support of a celebrity,” Minaj wrote.

Cardi B has since issued a response pretty much saying that her nemesis didn’t mention her by name or at her.

“This sh** is tiring, old, and redundant,” Cardi tweeted. “Same formula, DIFFERENT YEAR start chaos, drama, and then promote their sh**. I actually have a life outside of my house and Twitter. Until b***hes put a @ on it they talking to their mother. Byeeee.”