Nas EBK Gifted Jada Kingdom Diamond Promise Ring For Her 24th Birthday

Nas EBK, Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom and her boyfriend have entered a stage of commitment in their relationship. The couple was in Jamaica over the weekend when Nas EBK popped a big question on one knee to Jada while partying at the popular bar, Ribbiz, in Kingston.

Of course, the event has left fans curious and confused as it appears to be an engagement, but Nas EBK is saying he has given her a “promise” ring with an engagement ring to follow at some unspecified date in the future.

A video of the ‘proposal’ has gone viral with Jada seen sitting on a high stool and holding what looks like a small box with diamond earrings. Nas EBK was wearing a white sweater as he bent on one knee with another box. Jada seems genuinely surprised at the gesture as she exclaims, “what!” when she registers what’s happening.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” she said to the New York rapper as she jumped in to hug him, and Nas EBK lost his balance and fell as they laughed in pure joy together.

Jada Kingdom and Nas EBK have been dating for a little over a year. She moved to the United States in early 2021 after signing a record deal with Republic Records that seems to have been brokered by her then-boyfriend Verse Simmonds, 41.

However, the two appeared to have parted ways at some point, and Jada was seen in New York with Nas EBK, 21. Nas is a Drill rapper and has been very supportive of the “GPP” artist. He was recently seen with her in Jamaica as she said farewell to her grandmother, who raised her.

Jada had shared videos of herself enjoying the night out with her friends and dancers Pretty, TC, and Rebel prior to Nas EBK giving her the promise ring.

While she hasn’t publicly spoken on whether it is an engagement, she shared that Nas EBK has taken things to another level in their relationship.

Kingdom reposted a photo of a tattoo Nas has of her face on his entire arm.

“Omg! Your love for me different Wooow,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I love you forever! WOOOW!!!” she wrote with crying emojis.

Nas EBK tattoo

Jada Kingdom also shared another Story with her track “Perfect Timing,” playing in the background as she showed a video showing Nas EBK with a big smile on his face as she examines her ring, which is a round cut diamond set in the middle with several tiny diamonds encircling it.

“Love in stages! Sexy ring pon a sexy bad gyal,” she wrote as she also tagged celebrity jeweler Oscar Stone in New York.

Nas EBK also shared a sweet message, confirming that he gave her a promise ring.

“Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life . You Said You Never Got Nothing Crazy For Your Bday Or Never Enjoyed It Well Im Here To Change That ! I’ll Forever Treat You Right You Deserve The World & Ima Give You That,” he wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram.

“I Always Thought Finding Someone Like You Was A Myth But You Proved Me Wrong , My Love For You Is Unconditional & I Want This Forever Even In The After Life Your Mine Forever ! WE STUCK I PUT THAT RING ON THAT FINGER ILL NEVER PLAY BOUT YOU YK HOW IM COMIN NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES YOU MY BONNIE & IM YOUR CLYDE LOCKED IN 5L STAGE 1 ( PROMISE RING ) SO YALL KNOW THE ENGAGEMENT RING GONNA BE SOME SHI,” he added.

Jada Kingdom also responded to the message saying she had the best birthday ever.

“I’m soo in love with you,” the “Win” artist said. “I really appreciate you & everything you do for me You’re literally everything I prayed for! I want you for life & after, US! THAT’S IT!!! best birthday ever! you went crazy papi.”