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Irv Gotti Is Done Doing Interviews About Ashanti Insists He’s Telling The Truth

Irv Gotti
Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti is standing by his words that he and Ashanti were once an item, but he is at least promising to stop speaking about the R&B princess.

The Murder Inc. honcho once again doubled down on his claims during a short interview with Essence on the red carpet for the VMAs.

“It’s my life. They paid me a bunch of money to talk about my life at Murder Inc. and I caught all this flack because of it. It’s my life. I’m not a lying type person. I wish Ashanti all the best. If you’re watching Ashanti, I wish you all the best. But I just told my truth,” he reiterated.

Irv Gotti also addresses critics who called him a groomer since he was age 30 when he supposedly hooked up with Ashanti, who was just 20 at the time. He said that he firmly believed that the backlash that he was getting was just because the #MeToo Movement was trying to get at him.

According to his account of things, they were together for three years and were very much in love. He also spoke with TSR and told them that he didn’t really want to keep discussing the topic, but he kept being asked the question.

Earlier today, August 29, he jumped into the comment section of a post of TSR to say that he would not be commenting on the issue again. The “Here We Come” artist also said he was sticking by his words and that from this point going forward, he would only be doing limited interviews on the matter.

The issue started following Irv Gotti’s appearance that he had on Drink Champs, where he disclosed his romantic relationship with Ashanti, which many still doubt. He kept on insisting that he was telling the truth even though many of his colleagues called him out for disrespecting Ashanti.