Nicki Minaj and Skeng Link Up In New York, Plans To Shoot Music Video

Nicki Minaj, Skeng

Nicki Minaj and Skeng link up in New York City and plans to shoot a music video for “Likkle Miss (Remix).”

The song was released on Sunday ahead of Minaj’s Video Vanguard Award being handed over, where she shouted out the artist as well as Jamaicans who support her.

Nicki Minaj shared on Monday night that she was linking up with Skeng in New York for the music video for “Likkle Miss (Remix).” In a video shared on her Instagram account, Minaj, in her signature pink hair, revealed that she was in the company of Skeng.

“Y’all, guess who I just stumbled upon? You will never believe it…look,” she said as she pointed the camera at Skeng, who was sitting next to her.

Skeng, who was decked out in his Fendi outfit, also spoke to the camera. “Maddest life yuh haffi understand dat,” he said

Skeng recently announced the upcoming arrival of his first child with his girlfriend, Bebe is signed to Geejam Music. Last Sunday, Geejam’s CEO Jon Baker hinted that part of “Likke Miss (Remix)” is being shot in New York while the rest will be shot in London.

Nicki Minaj has constantly shared over the last few months that she is a fan of Skeng’s music. She teased that she was writing a verse for “Likkle Miss” in early August. DiTruth producers who created some of Skeng’s songs had hoped that he would get a collaboration with Minaj.

His manager, Cara Vickers, says that the artists connected via social media and that Minaj had reached out to give the artist advice.

“In this day, social media has facilitated accessibility to people. They speak regularly via direct message on social media and phone,” Vickers said in a Jamaica Observer article.

“Nicki has shared advice and encouragement to Skeng. They also have mutual respect for each other’s craft,” she added.

Shortly after the song was released, “Likkle Miss Remix” entered the top 10 on the US iTunes chart and within hours rose to be the No. 1 song on the Hip Hop chart.

In the meantime, Minaj fans have been pushing the artist’s track. They are hoping to see the song debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which would make it Nicki Minajs 125th Billboard entry.