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Snoop Dogg Opens Up About Cordae Writing Bars For Him

Snoop Dogg, Cordae

Snoop Dogg praised Cordae as a writer and says he doesn’t have any problems having the young rapper writing bars for hm.

Snoop Dogg says he’s open to other rappers writing for him at this stage of his career. The Death Row rapper is known for his own superb writing skills and is even credited as the pen behind some of the biggest hits from other rappers in his heyday despite not officially being listed on the credits.

Now, Snoop Dogg, who continues to enjoy his constantly evolving rap career, says he doesn’t mind other rappers writing for him, especially younger artists.

The rapper’s recent release ‘BODR’ sees several up-and-coming artists, including Jane Handcock, HeyDeon, Nefertitti Avani, and even Cordae, who wrote the song “We Don’t Gotta Worry No More.”

While on the Rap Radar Podcast to talk about his Netflix flick, Day Shift which also stars Jamie Fox, The “Doggfather” rapper openly talks about allowing other rappers to write for him, something that other rappers shame each other over.

“I started off writing for Dr Dre, so what would I be if I didn’t allow somebody to write for me?” Snoop said. “Sometimes you gotta put yourself in the frame of letting somebody else depict a better picture for you because you can’t see everything.”

Snoop Dogg also spoke about how other writers can bring something to life sometimes better than the singer themselves.

“I feel like Whitney Houston’s best record was The Bodyguard, when the other people came in and gave her records that weren’t hers, where she could just sit back and just sing and they embodied what they thought she should be.”

He added, “That’s to the point in my career where I’m at now, where I’ve written so many hit records,” he continued. “It’s not about what I can write sometimes, it’s about what I can’t see that somebody else can write for me.”

Snoop recently spoke about how Cordae impressed him with his writing skills in another interview. The West Coast rap legend says Terrace Martin introduced him to the young rapper. “He go in that mutha****in’ booth and wrote all of the rap — the first verse and the second verse!” Snoop says.

“The beauty of that is, he wrote some lyrics about my mama. My mama was in great health when he wrote that, but by the time we put that out, my mama passed away,” the rapper said.

Snoop Dogg is perhaps the first legend in rap to openly admit someone else, let alone another rapper, wrote lyrics for him. The subject of writing your own bars as opposed to having a ghost writer or someone else writes for you has long been taboo in hip hop. Some rappers, for example, Drake and Pusha T, went to war over this very issue.

Still, we should note that Snoop Dogg says at this stage in his career, where he has done it all, it’s okay for him to have someone else, like Cordae, write bars for him. Let’s not forget Snoop has dozens of ventures going on right now, including taking over Death Row Records, which he recently acquired.