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Irv Gotti Talks About Kissing Ashanti, Accused Of Harassment & Predatory Behavior

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Irv Gotti getting some heat from Ashanti fans after he shared some intimate details into their past relationship on Murder Inc. Story.

Irv Gotti seems to have lots of stories about Ashanti as he discloses in his Murder Inc documentary another intimate moment between him and the “Baby” singer. While sitting on a burgundy settee, the 52-year-old Gotti appears calm and happy as he recalls falling in love with Ashanti while they worked together and eventually sneaking a kiss and butt grab of the “Foolish” artist.

“I’m on my own and Ashanti is coming to the studio every day and our friendship and bond is naturally growing. And she used to wear these juicy sweats and her a*s was looking fat, her a*s was looking great,” he says, laughing.

“And so one day I was like, ‘yo I’m taking you home’, she said ‘bet cool’ we’re walking to the front door of her crib, she turns to say goodbye, and I just kissed her and grabbed her ass,” he says as he mimicked the motion he did. “It was like, what took you long,” he added.

Gotti’s latest rambling about Ashanti is not sitting well with fans of the singer as this is the second story he has given about the artist in recent weeks.

Irv Gotti, earlier this month, alleged that she and Ashanti had a sexual relationship during her time at the label. In a Drink Champs interview earlier this month, the Murder Inc. co-founder claimed that they made the song ‘Happy” after having sex.

“We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, I’m taking a shower. I’m in the shower, you know, a n****a be creative after [sex] … I think of the whole track in the shower,” he says as he sings the melodies of the song.

“Okay, now it’s time for you to write. Yo, I want the sh*t to be a feel-good joint, like summertime,” he goes on. “The energy, that record came about ’cause of our energy.”

Gotti claimed that their “relationship” helped her career. The label exec has been getting dragged by fans who reminded him that he was married at the time. Ashanti has never addressed Irv Gotti or any of the claims. Gotti also previously shared that he was hurt when he found out that Ashanti and Nelly were dating and that he found out about them while watching a sports event on TV.

Meanwhile, fans criticized the former Murder Inc. boss for his behavior towards Ashanti.

“Seeing the internet realize that 50 Cent was right about Irv Gotti this whole time brings me so much joy,” one person wrote.

“I had NO IDEA Ashanti was being preyed on like this. And the fact that he’s being given the space to speak on her like this is unacceptable,” another said.

“What he is doing is sexual harassment, its disgusting, its predatory and he doesn’t give a F***. Who knows the blackballing he did behind the scenes to her. Im sick of Irv Gotti, he needs his a*s beat,” another person said.

“[Irv Gotti] is a sexual harasser, and gross. There should be a law against what he’s doing to [Ashanti] it’s just not right. She did NOTHING to deserve this ogre talking about and treating her like this. I don’t care who he is!! A woman deserves RESPECT!! #IrvGotti,” another said.