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Cardi B Questioned Why UFC Star Compared Her To Andrew Tate

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B was not pleased with a UFC star comparing her to well-known misogynist and alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate.

Tate has long been a controversial character who was banned by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok for his controversial views on rape and consent and for blaming victims for being responsible for their assault.

Tate is being investigated for trafficking and rape in Romania, which he says is “easier to be absolved of rape charges in Eastern Europe.”

The British MMA fighter’s home in Romania was raised in April 2022 by Romanian authorities concerning a human trafficking and rape investigation, which was reported by the U.S embassy. It is alleged that Tate had held captive an American woman at the home.

She and a Romanian woman were rescued but Tate has not faced any legal consequences. Many have been speaking out against Tate, but one of his defenders, Jake Shields, sought to compare Cardi B to Tate as he whined about the latter being banned from social media platforms for his anti-female rhetoric.

“People are freaking out about young boys looking up to Andrew Tate but totally fine with young girls looking up to Cardi B and the Kardashians,” one of the tweets read.

“Tate’s Main message is stop being lazy and making excuses and go work hard and get in shape and make money. Cardi’s Is go do drugs, F*** random men and go through life as a brain dead Moron,” he said in another tweet.

Cardi B responded to Shields as she shared that her life was not geared at hurting anyone. “I’m married, I don’t smoke weed, I don’t pop pills,I don’t do coke, I’m a mom of 2 kids and I do a lot of charity work,” Cardi B began in a tweet response that was later deleted.

“But hey let me put cardi into it to defend a man who defend misogyny and rape,” she added.

Cardi B/Twitter

Cardi B is known for being generous and supporting her fans. The singer recently paid for the funeral expenses of 17 victims of a Bronx fire, in her hometown.

The Bronx rapper also supported New York’s Covid-19 fight in 2020 when she donated $1 million to support relief efforts and purchase PPEs for staff. She also provided 20,000 meals for frontline workers who battled the virus at health institutions.

In the meantime, Shields has gone on a rant at Instagram and Facebook for permanently banning Tate from violating parent company Meta’s policies on dangerous organizations and individuals.

The far-right radical Tate was also banned from Tik Tok recently.