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Omarion Details Raz-B Triggered By J Boog, Speak On Mental Health

Omarion and J Boog
Omarion and J Boog

Omarion has released a new book in which he speaks about an incident where fellow member J-Boog taunted Raz-B over Raz’s previous allegations that their manager Chris Stokes had raped him.

Omarion’s book is an audiobook called ‘Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,’ and chapter 3 will be released on September 13, 2022, which shows an emotional moment by Raz-B after J-Boog mocks his sexual assault allegations.

In a snippet teasing the audiobook chapter, the former B2K rapper talks about the moment when he realizes that Raz is hurting.

“You can tell when someone’s energy, they’re agitated, they are moving around, he wasn’t focused, he’s saying things and I’m like ‘yo what’s good’,” Omarion says.

A woman comes on the screen as she explains the artist’s behavior.

“We find out that what triggered him, what agitated him, Boog wore a t-shirt that said, ‘I don’t feel safe,’ that was clearly a reference to what Raz had said in New York,” the woman said, after which a clip comes up of Raz-B explaining his decision to pull out of the 2019 Millennium Tour.

“Raz B is officially off the tour, I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around,” Raz says in the video.

Omarion, however, questions Boog’s decision to wear the shirt.

“I wasn’t picking up that Boog was f***ng with his head, why the F*** would you wear a shirt like that,” Omarion asked as the group was seen hugging and consoling Raz-B as he cried.

On his Instagram account, Omarion talks about being there to support others in their healing.

“Mental health is not a destination, but rather a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you going. Just because no one else can heal or do your work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone. In my new book “Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,” I share some personal tools that have helped me stay balanced in challenging moments. It’s amazing how some people find it so easy to twist & turn a story to shed a negative light on others just to play victim. The truth always comes out in the end. No matter how hard anyone tries to hide it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable. Wishing everyone who struggles mentally or physically- strength and support,” Omarion wrote.

B2K members have been at odds over many things, but one of the more serious allegations coming from Raz-B about the group’s time together when they were kids was that their manager Chris Stokes and lead singer, Marques Houston, allegedly raped him and other artists in the group.

Chris Stokes, who was accused of making the boys perform sex acts on each other, had denied that he raped Raz-B in an Instagram DM. the other members of the group, including Houston, have been silent on the allegations.

Previous allegations by former member Quindon Tarver allege that Stokes molested Marques from an early age and Marquesin turn, allegedly raped Quindon when he was 13.

Stokes is said to have been the mastermind as he coached Marques on the rape. Quindon also alleged that says Stokes made him and the other boys take showers together and allegedly forced him and Marques to kiss each other.

Raz and Quindon have also alleged that Marques was a sexual predator, going after other boys.

In a video released more than 10 years ago, Raz alleged that Chris first molested him when he was 11 years old, and Marques also raped when for the first time when he was just 13 years old.

The singer also alleged that Stoke’s business partner Taz raped him on his 14th birthday and that he and J-Boog were allegedly forced to perform oral sex on each other.

Raz previously made damning allegations that other members of the group were also sexually assaulted, including Lil Fizz, who was allegedly raped by Marques when he was around 12.

Marques Houston has also remained silent in all the allegations, while Stokes, who now produces movies for Netflix, has never responded to the fresh allegations.