Bounty Killer Met 9-Y-O Actress Jazmin Headley For First Time, Record Collab

Baby Cham Jazzy Bounty Killer
Baby Cham, Jazmin Headley, Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is showing us how versatile he is as an artist as he recently revealed that he collaborated with child starlet Jazmin Headley.

The artist revealed that he and Headley recently met for the first time in Kingston as they promoted their new song “Sing Sing.” She also donated to the dancehall legend’s Bounty Killer Foundation.

Jazmin Headley is a Canadian actress and singer who is nine years old. Her track with Bounty Killer is the lead single from her first EP. Headley’s parents are Jamaicans, and she shares the same affinity for Jamaican music.

In an interview with the Jamaica Star, Headley spoke about the upcoming track. “The song is about singing and dancing, and that’s what Rodney does. As a nine-year-old, it’s important to send a message through my music and he feels the same way,” she said.

Headley also paid tribute to Bounty Killer’s late mother, Miss Ivy, as she gave the Jamaican iconic dancehall deejay a floral arrangement in memory of his mother, who passed away 10 years ago but whom he has constantly spoken about the impact she had on his life. The artist became visibly emotional at the tribute.

“From my mother passed not many have done anything like this to remember her. She always touches my heart. ‘Jazz’ brings a lot of joy. This is the only child I would say I wish she was my child. I don’t wish my child was like her but that she was actually my child. She is a gem.”

According to Bounty Killer, Headley donated to his foundation long before they even met.

“It was manager, Bankey, who was the one to bring my attention to this child, who said that on her ninth birthday, she wanted to donate nine barrels to the foundation,” Bounty Killer said. “I was like that a nine-year-old wants to do something this big. He informed me of who she was, that she works and bought the things, and not that somebody gave them to her. It was very interesting,” an impressed Bounty Killer said.

Meanwhile, Bounty says that the pair initially collaborated on charitable ventures before he learned that she had other talents.

“When I met her online, and the more we start to talk, I picked her mind. I come to realise she is smart and clever and just how involved she is in giving back. That was over a year ago. Then I found out she was also a singer. When I found out the talent she have and just see her beautiful soul, I wanted to do all the things I can to support her,” Bounty Killer shared.

“I expect good things for a track like this. With a little child singing on a song, singing that well and she singing a good topic, to ‘sing, sing, sing’ and ‘let’s party’, it should be good. Jazz is on a good path and she is very established, though I only see snippets posted of her on the internet, I know she has a little fan base building,” the artist posted.

In the meantime, Bounty Killer says he is exploring the talent development of Headley, who goes by the name of ‘Jazzy,’ and wants to sign her to his Alliance music group.

“We aren’t letting her go, she is going to be a big part of my organisation, maybe we even sign her. We will be doing more with Jazz because she is going to take the world by storm,” he said.