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Yung Bleu Lands Dream Collab With Nicki Minaj

Bleu Nicki
Yung Bleu, Nicki Minaj

Yung Bleu land a collab with Nicki Minaj a year after revealing she is his top pick for a collab.

Wishes do come true, at least for Yung Bleu, who is finally getting his dream collaboration with the Queen of Rap and No. 1 hitmaker Nicki Minaj. The Trinidadian rapper made the announcement this time on her Instagram Stories, so fans know it’s not gimmicks after Bleu previously hinted at a collaboration in September 2021, but that turned out to be a false alarm, he later admitted.

“This song I just did with Bleu,” the Barbie rapper wrote on Insta-stories.

Nicki Minaj Instagram

Last year the “You’re Mines Still” rapper worked up fans after he said he was working on a track with none other than Nicki Minaj during his Sony Hall performance in New York City on September 7th.

The rapper backtracked later, and it’s unclear if there was actually music in the works or whether he was just stating his aspirations and got carried away.

He later clarified on Twitter that they aren’t working on new music.

“We dnt have a song yet actually tho y’all I just wanted to play some sh*t we was working on since we was in New York,” Yung Bleu tweeted. “Ain gotta verse just yet . And Ain mean for it to go viral I was just having a lil moment with my fans and I was drunk talking to much lol,” the rapper said.

Nicki Minaj is known for being very protective about her work and new music, especially when working with guest artists. One lesson many artists can learn is learning to hold your excitement when working from her. Earlier this year, the rapper threatened to pull her verse from “Blick Blick” by Coi Leray after her father Benzino told people on Clubhouse during a discussion. Coi Leray was preparing to drop her debut album at the time, and she had not given any hints about the feature.

Nicki Minaj later said she decided not to drop her verse as she liked Coi and respected her grind as a young and up-and-coming rapper.

As for Yung Bleu, he’s finally “manifested” his dream collab with Minaj, whom he said was on top of his dream guest feature list.

In the meantime, speaking about new releases, Minaj has finally settled for a name for her upcoming song, which she says is now “Super Freaky Girl,” which will drop on August 12th.

The rapper had previously announced that the song was to be called “Freaky Girl,” but it ran into some legal roadblocks as she hinted that the name is copyrighted and has to be changed. The rapper later proposed Super Freaky Girl, Nick James, and FreakNic as possible name replacements.

However, after running a Twitter poll, Super Freaky Girl was chosen by fans.