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Kodak Black Side-Eye NBA YoungBoy $60 Million Atlantic Records Deal

NBA YoungBoy and Kodak BlackNBA YoungBoy and Kodak Black
NBA YoungBoy, Kodak Black

Kodak Black seemingly wants to renegotiate his deal with Atlantic Records after YoungBoy Never Broke Again revealed his massive new deal.

The “Super Gremlin” rapper wants more money out of his deal after rumors that NBA YoungBoy could be getting a $60 million deal from his label Atlantic Records. YoungBoy recently beat his felony gun charges in California, making way for him to go on tour across the United States. The rapper has been grumpy about his deal with Atlantic, revealing that he has rejected their $25million deal and wants to re-sign only if he can get $100 million.

While everyone has been staying tuned to YoungBoy’s negotiations, it seems that things might be moving apace as Kodak Black revealed on Sunday night that the rapper is getting $60 million and wants the same for himself.

While promoting his last album under his present Atlantic deal, his imprint shared on Instagram that the artist will be getting $60 million on a new contract.

‘The Last Slimeto’ is the rapper’s fifth album under his first Atlantic deal. It’s unconfirmed whether the rapper is genuinely getting this figure, however.

“August 5th this Friday pre-order now ‘the new lil top with surprise feat /don’t wanna miss this classic with @atlanticrecords @artistpg,” the post read.

“How we came in the game @mikecaren I appreciate you for that phone call @itsep I am on now 60 million dollar n****a you lil puppies August 5th ‘The Last slimeto’ pre-order now.”

Kodak Black, who signed to Atlantic in 2015, wants to renegotiate his deal with the label.

“Lil YoungBoy, he bout to fulfill his deal. I’m fulfilling my deal too,” he said on Instagram Live. “I definitely can’t let him be out his deal and moving on and getting to that real bag, and I just be sitting back and just still in my f***ing deal. No! I’m done too … I seen jit come out, some $60 million sh*t, so I need my 60,” the rapper said.

Before signing to Atlantic, Kodak Black had signed another deal with Dollaz N Dealz, which was eventually thrown out by a judge after Kodak challenged the validity of the contract, given that he was 16 years old and was not independently represented by his own lawyer.

Kodak Black appeared to love Atlantic records as he previously told fans on Twitter to sign to the record label. The rapper seems to have a change of heart as he lashed out generally at labels who lock in rappers in “rookie contracts” despite becoming successful.

“I know what’s going on with these labels and how they be taking advantage of young n****s and sh*t,” he continued. “N****s be still in they rookie deals… But you on to that big bag… I ain’t still gonna be in my s**t. N****s showed that they in competition with me,” he said.

“Everything that all these rap n****s doing … I f**k with Lil Durk, I f**k with Drake, I f**k with Lil Baby, I f**k with all these n****s, [but] I ain’t finna let none of these n****s just be shooting past a n****a, homie. I’m getting out my deal and I’m finna get that big ol’ bag,” he continued.

The rapper said he is now determined to get more money from his label.

“God forbid, even if it be jail, prison, all that sh*t in a n****a future, I’m still gon’ have me a big ol’ bag, ya heard me? So I ain’t trippin’ on what none of these n****s doing.”

In the meantime, he has not revealed how much he signed to Atlantic for, but Kodak has been growing in the music space and has been among the top 10 rappers with the most streams. However, his numbers are nowhere near NBA YoungBoy, who revealed that his YouTube alone makes the label $17,000 a month as he has the highest streams for any rap artist overall.

He has also been the second most streamed artist for 2022 behind Drake by 100,000 or fewer streams. His latest album might even tip the scales in his favor and surpass Drake, who has consistently held the top streaming position since the year started.