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Omeretta Earns Kodak Black Approval With “Super Gremlin” remix

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black praised Omeretta for her remix of “Super Gremlin.”

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and when someone takes an original, tweaks it, and makes it, even more dope, you have to sit up and take notice. This apparently is what rapper Kodak Black is thinking as he gives up and coming rap star Omeretta The Great the green light to officially remix his hit song “Super Gremlin.”

The 25-year-old Atlanta native has been steadily building a name for herself through online platforms like SoundCloud, where she has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays of her tracks which include “Show Me Sum” and “No More Love.” Still, it was when she did a remix of the mega-hit “Super Gremlin” on Sunday, March 27, that a lot of mainstream attention started circulating, and Kodak caught wind of the remix and was feeling all the buzz about it.

By Monday, Kodak Black was all over Twitter singing her praises and giving his approval as he stated that the rapper was not only beautiful but a beast with some killer lyrics. He tweeted, “Omeretta so f**kin fine. Dark, sexy chocolate muhf**ka. Salute dat black queen and she spittin like a bih.”

Omeretta / Reo

Indeed her flow on the track is fire as she spits about being a female in a world where she has to fight to be taken seriously. However, she has the lyrics and the street ‘cred’ to rise as already many are scared of her ability to get it done lyrically. Kodak Black’s approval comes on the heels of Omeretta’s song “Sorry Not Sorry,” which was released a month ago and also went viral, causing a commotion.

The song discusses the area code and the people she says claim they are from or say they represent Atlanta but are not actually from the city. In the track, she asked which hospital bed were they born in and told them to stop ‘fronting’ as if they were actually from Atlanta’s tough neighborhoods. Feeling some way, both rappers T.I. and Ludacris have responded to the song, although most fans chalk up the track to Omeretta’s brilliant strategy of sparking controversy as then people not only listen to it, celebrities will also have her name in their mouths.