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Chrisean Rock Spark Pregnancy Rumors After Date With Blueface, DDG & Halle Bailey

Blueface Chrisean Rock
Blueface and Chrisean Rock

A new photo of Chrisean Rock with her boyfriend, Blueface, on a double date with DDG and Halle Bailey has sparked speculation that the “Bad Girls Club” actress might be pregnant.

On Sunday, the photo was shared by Rock, who said she had a great time on her first double date. The couple posed for a picture as the women posed with their partners.

Rock, who is wearing a nude-colored dress, has a tiny little bump that she wouldn’t normally have, causing fans to ask if she was pregnant. “She look pregnant af,” one of her followers wrote.

Others felt that the Zeus Baddie was just bloated. “How y’all commenting if she’s pregnant…she was just drunk last night it’s the liquour,” one of her followers said. “That’s happy weight, y’all leave her alone,” another added.

Earlier this year, Chrisean Rock, who has been at odds with Blueface and his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, had hinted that she might be pregnant. She had shared what looked like a positive pregnancy test. It’s unclear what happened since then, but the former BGC girl has been accused of having two abortions for the “Thotiana” rapper in the past.

In the meantime, Blueface is already a father to one child, and another is on the way with Alexis.

Last month, Rock had a meltdown on social media after Blueface was seen touching and rubbing his baby mother’s belly at her baby shower.

In a video interaction shared with Blueface, she had asked the rapper why he was so touchy-feely and asked him, “and why you acting like you don’t got a b***h.”

“You ain’t f*****g with me?” she asked Blueface, who replied, “yeah, clearly.”

“So you don’t like that I posted my baby mama at the baby shower?” Blueface asked.

“It’s not that,” Chrisean responded. “I f**k with you. It’s too touchy-feely what you mean. I I had a n***a, my baby father touchy-feeling me, f**k all that bullsh*t, you my n***a, what are you saying? That sh*t don’t got nothing to do with me. If you wanna f**k with shorty, f**k with her, but f**k with her on your own time. Why you gotta drag me along with me? I’m innocent,” she told the rapper.

Despite their up and down relationship, Rock seems pretty committed to Blueface as she recently tattooed her face on his neck and removed her tooth implant to replace it with a denture with his face on the tooth.

Rock has previously spoken about wanting to become a mother, although she has often spoken about just being a baby mama and settling for that.

She and Blueface seem to finally have a solid relationship as the rapper recently gifted her some new diamonds and is publicly acknowledging that they are together, something he went to great lengths to deny.