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Kanye West Felt Nicki Minaj Bodied Him On “Monster” Says Amber Rose

Nicki Kanye
Nicki Minaj, Kanye West

Amber Rose says she worked in an A&R capacity for Kanye West and is the one who introduced him to Nicki Minaj in 2010, which led to their “Monster” collaboration.

In a new interview with Higher Learning Podcast, Amber Rose speaks about her role as an A&R for many of her ex-boyfriends, including Kanye West, whom she claimed did not know who Nicki Minaj was and whom she convinced to feature Nicki Minaj in what is now one of the biggest tracks for both artists.

“Monster” has become a bone of contention for Nicki Minaj and Kanye West as their strained relationship has taken on a different face. Last week, Minaj seemingly dissed Kanye during her Essence Fest performance when, after “Monster” came on, she told the DJ to cut the track, and she even had some choice words directed at Kanye.

Nicki Minaj referred to the Donda artist as a “clown.” It’s been speculated that Kanye has been holding back Minaj’s “New Body” remix featuring Minaj, and she and her Barbs fans are not pleased about it.

Amber Rose, on the other hand, offered some insight on what Kanye West thinks of Nicki Minaj as she shared that she put her on “Monster,” as Ye did not know who Nicki was at the time.

“I put Nicki on Monster,” she told hosts Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay.

“He didn’t know who Nicki was then. I had Nicki pull up to the studio and I put her on Monster,” Amber reiterated to the shock of the hosts. “I saw her in the studio and said ‘this b*tch is talented as hell’ and I went back to Kanye and said ‘you need to put her on Monster’.”

She added that Kanye did not know the Queens rapper, and “he was like who what? No,” but still he let her listen to the track.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

The Slut Walk founder says that Minaj sent her verse right after listening to the song.

“We all had a conversation, she heard the song and then she came back the next day with the verse.”

Kanye West, who is rumored to have wanted to pull Minaj’s verse, was impressed and expressed it to Amber, who said that Minaj’s verse was “was too good.”

“He told me the same day like ‘how the f*ck you did you bring in a b**ch that killed me on my own song’”.

While some social media users have reacted with disbelief at the revelation, Minaj had acknowledged in interviews before that Amber was instrumental in the “Monster” collab.

In the meantime, Kanye has not responded to Minaj since her comment at Essence Fest. He has, however, unfollowed her on Instagram.

Listen Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Jay-Z’s “Monster” below.