Kevin Gates Addresses Jojo Zarur Relationship & Dreka Gates Breakup

Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates / Atlantic

Kevin Gates had the internet buzzing with his “Super Gremlin” freestyle that hinted that his baby mother Dreka had cheated on him.

In a new interview with Yung Miami on her show Caresha Please, Kevin Gates did not directly answer if he and Dreka Gates broke up.

“What you mean really broke up,” he asked. “That’s my best friend so no matter what, she’s gona always be my best friend. Like I love this woman with everything in me. See a lot of people like to take it and be like cause the “Super Gremlin” song when the Super Gremlin song came out I never accused her of cheating,” he said.

When pressed by Yung Miami about what Dreka did since he said Dreka had lied about something, but Gates did not give a forthcoming answer.

“I never said those things, if you listened to the song I said personal trainer invaded my personal [inaduabile]…I never said they cheated, I never accused them of anything…if she did (cheat) I wouldn’t know,” the rapper said.

Kevin Gates appeared to also diss Dreka in his song “Super General,” where he says, “Make the Dreka song, lied to the world while trying to protect her image, causing fans to speculate that she cheated on him.

In the meantime, he also said that he knows Jojo Zarur for more than 12 years, and they are best friends.

“we wasn’t dating or nothing the internet made us be a couple, col f**k it…I never asked this woman to be in a relationship or nothing. No matter what I do she gon always be in my life,” he said about Zarur.

Last month, Gates and Zarur sparked dating rumors and led to major criticisms as Gates is still reportedly married.

Jojo Zarur and Kevin Gates were seen going for dinner, and a message he shared on Instagram hinted that he was protective of her in a romantic way.

“I’ve been being real positive with you guys, you know what I’m saying, and like I said, I’m not speaking on my behalf,” Gates begins.

“I just want you to know one thing, I’m not any of these other p***y a*s rappers that walk around with security, b***ch a*s n****s. If y’all play with anything I love, I’m letting you know now. I hope everybody hears me. I’m ready to do a life sentence. I love you all. Y’all have a beautiful day,” he said, smiling.

Jojo also co-signed the message as she re-shared it on her Instagram Story with the caption, “play with me if you want to,” with the blushing emoji.

In comments criticizing her for being with a married man, Zarur also said, “lol he’s actually single. Get your facts straight,” she responded to a fan who said, “he’s a married man. This ain’t a good look.”

Dreka hasn’t responded to Gates since, but based on Gates’ latest comments, he and Dreka might still be together as they were seen earlier this month out and about to promote his recently released album ‘Khaza’ named after one of their children.