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Ne-Yo Exposed Singer Lucky Daye For Sleeping With Woman In His Bed

Lucky Daye Ne-Yo
Lucky Daye, Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo says he passed on signing singer Lucky Daye after he broke one rule.

Lucky Daye missed out on what could have been an amazing opportunity as an artist signed to Ne-Yo. Back in the early 2000s, Lucky Daye was one of the rising talents being watched in the music industry. However, according to the R&B singer/producer, he didn’t sign Daye because he violated his boundaries regarding a specific request.

While speaking on the FAQ Podcast to promote his eighth studio album, ‘Self-Explanatory,’ Ne-Yo was questioned about a lot of events in his music career. One particular story from his career centered on the shape of R&B in the world right now, and that’s when the story about Lucky Daye was shared.

He recalled working with Lucky Daye in the early 2000s and even planned to sign him to Compound Entertainment, owned by him and which is an affiliate of Def Jam Records. The two first worked together on “She Got Her Own,” and Daye even worked with Ne-Yo on several of his hit songs, including “Miss Independent.”

“He was going by David Brown. We were working,” Ne-Yo explained. “The remix to ‘Miss Independent’ with me, and Jamie Foxx, and Fab? Jamie Foxx’s verse — Lucky Daye wrote that verse. He wrote the verse because it was supposed to be him.”

Daye was, however, not featured or worked on the sophomore single, “She Got Her Own,” because of personal issues with Daye, who couldn’t respect his boundaries.

“I was going on a short little run or whatever, and I let Mr Daye stay at my house,” Ne-Yo said.

“Now at this point, I have a big beautiful house, and I’m like, ‘Bruh, you’ve got full reign of the crib. You can go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do — just don’t go in my room’,” Ne-Yo added about his conversation with Daye.

“I come back one morning. Open the door up, I don’t see this dude nowhere. I go upstairs to my room. Sure enough, he’s asleep with a chick in my bed,” Ne-Yo says.

“He had no excuse. What could he say?!” Ne-Yo continued. “I gave you one rule. One. Told you one place you couldn’t go. Mind you — big crib. There’s rooms, a backyard, whatever. Just don’t go in this room. Not only are you in my room, you’re in my bed. You in my bed with somebody.”

Ne-Yo added that he felt it was a character flaw of Daye that he couldn’t follow the rules and decided he couldn’t work with him.

“At the time, I was upset. I was mad, so that was kind of the end of that whole situation. Like bruh, if you can’t follow this simple rule, I don’t know if this thing gon’ work.”

In the meantime, Ne-Yo’s new album is set to drop on Friday. The last time he dopped music was in 2019 with his album ‘Another Kind of Christmas.’