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Trick Daddy Calls His Estranged Wife Calls New BF His “Boyfriends-In-Law”

Trick Daddy has a very different view of marriage than other people, but the inner workings of his marriage continue to puzzle many.

On Thursday, Trick Daddy revealed details of his marriage, or what’s left of it at least, as he described the relationship dynamics that exist in the confines of the “marriage.”

In an interview on the Breakfast Club, Trick describes his estranged wife Joy’s partners as his “boyfriends-in-laws” and even goes on to suggest that she might not have any agency over her dating life as he is the one who “allows” it.

Trick and Joy have been separated for more than 4-5 years, but for some reason, neither of the two believe in divorce and have remained legally married despite their marriage breaking down and them seeing different partners.

According to Trick, divorce is not for him, and Joy will be “going hell with me” for “adultery.”

Their relationship is no secret, having been exposed on Love & Hip Hop Miami, where both appear to pursue separate lives with their partners despite being legally married still.

The two also seem to have a good friendship which Trick describes.

“The only way I ever get divorced [is] if my girl want me to marry her,” he said of his girlfriend. “In my mind, I’m like a Duke point guard…one and done.”

Despite Joy saying in 2018 that she wanted to get divorced to move on with her life, Trick doesn’t think she wants to leave, and he has even accused her in the past of sticking around for the financial benefits she gets from him. Trick says Joy talks big about divorce.

“That’s what she say. If she want a divorce, she need to stop using my name.”

“Then, she going around messing with all these dudes trying to find me. I’m right here. They’ll never be me,” he said.

He also added his opinion on her dating while they are still married.

“She going to hell with me,” Trick said about her dating, “That’s adultery!” he continued. “I allow her to date, but now, I need to start evaluating these dudes who you mess with ’cause these are my boyfriends and husbands-in-law… You need to take care of my wife. They need to do what they need to do,” Trick said.