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Jim Jones Supports Lil Tjay Insist ‘Rappers Have Most Dangerous Job’

Jim Jones
Jim Jones

Jim Jones offered prayers to Lil Tjay while reinforcing his previous statement that rappers have the most dangerous job.

Violence has plagued the hip-hop community for many years as, unfortunately, the real-life atrocities that rappers sing about on the streets often become all too real. Over the last few years, the community has lost several rappers and many of them to gun violence.

Sadly it has been a problem for many years, and the world even lost Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls to gun violence. In recent years, rappers like Nipsey Hussle, King Von, and Pop Smoke have all been lost to gun violence.

One of the most recent cases of gun violence, which thankfully did not claim another victim, was the shooting of rapper Lil Tjay, who was shot multiple times. He and another man were wounded during an attempted armed robbery early on the morning of June 22 at a Chipotle restaurant at a residential and outdoor shopping center in Edgewater, New Jersey.

One veteran rapper who has always held the view that rapping has become a very dangerous job fraught with risk is Jim Jones. The Dipset rapper once said that it might have become even more dangerous to be a rapper than a soldier. A comment that undoubtedly caught the attention of many, including an Iraq War vet who found the statement quite incredulous.

Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay

Jones never backed down, and to this date, as he recently told HipHopDX, he still believes that rapping has become one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. He used Lil Tjay’s current predicament as his point in case.

Jim Jones added that more and more rappers are now falling prey to the violence of the streets. Jones also took the opportunity to wish Lil Tjay a speedy recovery.

There have been many rumors about the rapper’s current condition with no real confirmation. Some have said he is brain dead, and others claim he is paralyzed, but no direct information has come from his camp regarding his condition. Some even claim that he has already succumbed to his injuries.

“I stand on what I said,” he said. “Being a rapper in today’s society is definitely the most dangerous job in the world. You have a 50 percent chance of making it as a rapper and making it alive as a rapper is what it means. It’s one for one, so you take that how you want to take it.”

Jones believes that some of the shootings are a result of jealousy from others who also want the rap lifestyle but, for whatever reason, can’t have it. The “State of the Union” rapper added that rap and music make a lot of money, and rappers often flaunt their lavish lifestyle on social media.

He further explained that even though people may have more money than rappers, they are obsessed with the lifestyle. They still want the fame, and they still want the spotlight because that’s what comes with being a rapper, he continued.

That inevitably brings envy, and that may be a major motivator behind the shootings and killings, he went on to say.

“They envy you because of the position that you’re in. It’s not just the money either — it’s they look online and see a bunch of people loving you and praising you for the talent that you have. That’s dangerous. It’s like a king. It’s dangerous,” he added.