Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P, Sammie Forming R&B Supergroup Remaking ‘One Wish’

Sammie, Bobby V, Ray J

Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie says Verzuz is now water under the bridge and event plots a R&B supergroup.

The recent R&B Verzuz battle on Thursday night has generated a lot of talk about artists not rehearsing for their performances. One person, in particular, Ray J, caught a lot of flak for his crackling voice while attempting to sing “One Wish,” as fans trolled him for not being up to par for the event.

Still, despite the drama between him and Sammie, it seems that the artists are in a good place and have shared possible plans to form an R&B supergroup.

On Tuesday, the artists hopped onto Instagram Live to discuss what went down on the show and devolved into shade and drama.

In the live video, Ray J offered for Sammie to do another version of “One Wish” and gave him some of the rights.

“I feel like Sammie did a great job of the vocals….how about we do a new version of “One Wish,” which is your version put that sh*t out…I’ll support it and give you ownership of that song when we put it out,” he said.

Ray J added that he owns the masters of his music and would be able to give Sammie rights to the song.

The men also discussed forming a new R&B Supergroup with the name “RSVP,” which Bobby V claims to have come up with.

Pleasure P, however, jokingly referred to the new group as the new Jodeci but Sammie interjected that there won’t be a lead singer, referencing the problems Jodeci had with its artists fighting for the top spot.

“In the group, I’m gonna bring the peace,” Sammie insisted, while Pleasure P said they would call it a collective.

“No one’s gonna be the lead singer, we’re all equally important to the group. The only time we gon be soloist on our tour is n****s gonna do their set,” Sammie said as he laid down the ground rules that nobody would make fun of each other.

“We not gon’ make it far! Sh*t’s in shambles already. Pleasure wanna fight, I wanna talk, Ray won’t drink the tea and Bob keeps going to his got damn piano!!! JESUS! We need a manager!” Sammie added later down in the Live.

The artists also laughed about Ray J’s lack of dancing skills and his choice to drink Casamigos ahead of his Verzuz.

In the meantime, Bobby V noted that fans of Ray J were waiting for him to make it up to his fans for not bringing the vocals.

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