Actor Clifton Powell Confirms His Son Dating Sasha Obama Share Advice He Gives

Clifton Powell Obamas
Clifton Powell

Clifton Powell confirms his son is dating Sasha Obama and share the advice he gave him about dating.

Clifton Powell is a legendary actor, and his son is the apple of his eye. Powell would often share on his Instagram account posts that celebrate his son and their relationship.

In a recent interview, he talks about his relationship with his son and some of the advice he shares to him to treat his partner, Sasha Obama, with love and respect.

In a recent interview on the podcast Dear Fathers, the legendary actor says that his son and Sasha have been dating for over a year, but it was recently made public by the press.

When it comes to their relationship, Clifton Sr. says that he has been teaching his son the things that he has not been fortunate to have with his own father.

“That’s amazing because you know they’ve been going out for about a year and it’s just hit the press right,” he began by confirming the relationship.

“So that has helped me to talk to Clifton about how to handle Sasha Obama because we love the Obamas But Mr. Obama has a daughter that’s dating my son and I have an opportunity and responsibility to make my son responsible, gentle, kind, kind, loving and supportive- the things that I did not get taught,” he added.

He also said that he speaks to his son all the time to remind him to be good to the former President’s daughter.

“I text him all the time treat Sash like how you would want somebody to treat your daughter.”

The Obama girls were America’s sweethearts for quite a long time, having entered the White House with their father, former President Barack Obama, and their mother, First Lady Michelle Obama, as just little girls. With parents who are both lawyers and great intellectuals, the Obama girls grew up in the public’s eye, and no doubt there’s been a lot of pressure on them and scrutiny of their everyday activities.

It’s still hard to reconcile that they are now adults and are in college. Both young women have also continued to make their parents proud with no scandals or drama.

Their lives have remained private, but the paparazzi continue to follow the Obama girls as they try to enjoy normal young adulthood.

It was recently rumored that Sasha is dating Clifton Powell Jr., and the two have been seen together publicly. While Clifton Jr. was relatively unknown, it wasn’t until recently that some fans were able to connect the dot that his father is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.