Omarion Calls B2K Members Background Dancers, J-Boog, Raz-B Fires Back

Omarion and J Boog
Omarion and J Boog

Raz-B and J-Boog are not taking Omarion’s Verzuz comment lightly as he referred to his B2K members as his backup dancers.

The R&B Verzuz on Thursday night has resulted in an ongoing mess following the trolling of Omarion. The artist has been trending following memes mocking his performance, and this has spurred a back and forth with his bandmates or former bandmates as Raz-B claims that Omarion is no longer a member of the group.

The drama between the boy band started after other members of B2K joined in the trolling and sharing memes after the Omarion vs Mario Verzuz battle.

Omarion was, however, responsive to the trolling and specifically addressed his former band mates Lil Fizz, Raz-B, and J-Boog.

“I love all the jokes and opinions. Y’all are hilarious , I’m enjoying the creativity. If you’re lucky enough to be in this business for 22 years you understand that at some point you will experience malfunctions. It comes with being an artist and making yourself vulnerable to the world. But to my 3 background dancers, I’m not surprised because this is how y’all always been, even while in the group. Praying for my downfall. Well, keep praying cause I’m overbooked and busy. Meanwhile, y’all really gotta get a job other than hatin on O. I heard UPS is hiring,” he said as he shared bits of a magazine shoot he was completing.

J-Boog later responded on Saturday to Omarion with a ten-page statement claiming that his vocals were missing from a lot of their records and a demo singer might have been the actual voice behind their first album, he alleged.

“To call me a background dancer is funny. Shall we discuss the truth behind how those records were really made? I was there. You were not in the booth for a lot of the vocals that were put on those songs, from your lead vocals not fully being you. Listen to that first album. You’ll hear Steve Russell in and out of those leads and the hooks,” he began.

“The first album, until I took over the second album. Me landing a lead on our second single f***ed with you because our first number-one single, “Bump, Bump, Bump”, I sang the hook on it, and it brought attention to the label,” J-Boog claimed.

Raz-B also shared a legal document where he claimed that while Omarion is claiming to be the lead vocalist of the group, he was not even a member of B2K anymore.

“@omarion you been out the group! Bruh!” he wrote on IG. “It’s amazing how [you] think everybody f***king with you!!!! Chris Brown didn’t even come out on your la set. The industry talks lil man,” he added.

The document dated November 14, 2019, which appears to be legal advice from Allen Jacobi Law begins by saying that the firm has researched trademark issues arising from Omarion Grandberry leaving the group. It added that the remaining members are founding members.

The letter shared legal precedents as to what happens when a member leaves a band, noting that a leaving member does not have any right to the trademark of the name of the group and cannot perform or record in the said name. The letter stated that in October 2019, Omarion’s manager also wrote to Live Nation to say that he is no longer part of B2K and won’t be touring with the group.

Omarion has not responded to the latest responses from his former bandmates.