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Police Investigating Master P’s Daughter’s Death, Suspect Drug OD

Tytyana Master P
Tytyana Miller and Master P

The family of Master P was thrown into mourning a couple of days ago when his 29-year-old daughter Tytyana Miller suddenly passed away.

The Los Angeles Police Department is continuing its investigation into the cause of her death, and now there are reports from TMZ that the initial evidence supports a fatal overdose. The theory is supported by the fact that police found drug paraphernalia at the scene. Even though they found the utensils used for drugs, they said they did not find any drugs on the scene.

In the meantime, an autopsy has already been completed. However, toxicology results usually take about three weeks to come back in. It may not come as a shock to Master P, who shared the tragic news with his followers on Instagram and acknowledged that his daughter had been battling drug addiction and mental illness.

In the initial post, he said, “Our family is dealing with an overwhelming grief for the loss of my daughter Tytyana. We respectfully request some privacy so that our family can grieve. We appreciate all of the prayers love and support. Mental illness & substance abuse is a real issue that we can’t be afraid to talk about. With God, we will get through this. #MyAngel.”

Before her untimely death, Tytyana Miller opened up about her battles. She previously shared her addiction struggles in a 2016 episode of WETV’s Growing Up Hip Hop. Both her father and brother, Romeo Miller, can be seen trying to encourage her to get the help she needs.

She also shared how much their support and love for her meant. She also gave her reasons for not wanting rehab before her father interjected, pleading with her to get professional help.

“I think we should get some professional help just to make sure you stay on track. Let’s not say you don’t want to go to rehab. I think you should at least try because I don’t want you to go back to this,” he said at the time.

The tough lesson hasn’t been lost on the veteran No Limit rapper, as he has already stated that he will dedicate part of his life to helping others who are also battling addiction.

Master P also declared that he would turn to his faith system and trust that God would carry him through this harrowing experience. The “I Miss My Homies” rapper also acknowledged that many families are dealing with losing their loved ones due to mental illness and substance abuse.

Because of this, he intends to invest his time, resources, and passion toward helping other families affected by these types of issues.

“Our healing process will not end in grief, we will celebrate my daughter’s life. Tytyana was inspiring, uplifting, artistic and a loving person who deeply cared for others,” he added.

Romeo Miller also shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram when his sister died.

“We appreciate all of the prayers, love, and support, and although this is sad times, I’m forever grateful for the memories I did have with my amazing sister. Love on your loved ones, life is short. The silver lining, I know she’s in a way better place and finally at peace and free,” Romeo Mill said.

Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, has nine children.

In a new statement shared on his Instagram, Master P thanked everyone who offered him support and prayers.

“I would like to thank everyone for all of the love, prayers and support,” the hip hop mogul wrote. “The only way that we are going to heal and grow from this is with the truth. It has been a long and painful journey for our family, my daughter has been battling with this since 2015. Mental illness and substance abuse is a real issue and we hope to turn this tragedy into a testimony. As a father, I have always established parameters to protect my children. Unfortunately, when they become adults, they have the legal right to choose who to have relationships with whether healthy or unhealthy.”