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Yung Miami’s Mother Reacts To Flirting With Lil Baby Accusations

Yung Miami mother
Yung Miami Instagram

Yung Miami’s mother is denying that she was flirting with rapper Lil Baby. On Thursday morning, she reacted to a post shared by Lil Baby where she left heart-eye three emojis in the comments section.

Of course, Yung Miami‘s mother, Keenya Young, has been on the radar since her daughter recently posted the two of them. The mother-daughter duo almost appear like sisters due to Young’s youthful good looks, and fans, including younger men, appear to comment on her looks.

It’s unclear if Young is interested in younger men, but fans certainly felt that maybe she might be interested in someone younger after they saw her heart eyes emojis.

Some fans felt she was shooting her shot at Lil Baby.

While Lil Baby didn’t respond, a screenshot of the comment section went viral, prompting Young to clarify her comment.

In an Instagram Story, Young called out the commenters for assuming the worst as she pointed out that the rapper is also on the same label as her daughter, Quality Control.

“No I am not feeling Lil Baby,” she said on her Instagram Story. “I will never disrespect him like that or QC my daughter is part of that label what the [f***] I look like? I don’t play that period! A heart eye emoji for me is just a like I put under everybody picture! I’m sorry if that’s how you see it or took it,” she said.

Young is 43, but her stunning looks could betray you if it wasn’t for the fact that her daughter, Yung Miami, is 27 years old. She also has two grandkids.

Young’s recent public appearance with her daughter began after her release from jail last March.

She and Exzavier Robinson were accused of stealing purses from Macy’s at Aventura Mall in Florida, and in their escape, while at a high-speed chase with police, they hit and killed a security guard, Emily Anderson.

The incident occurred in 2009, but Young was not sentenced till 2017. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison plus ten years of probation.