Starr Dawkins Confronts Woman Insta Stunting In Her Lamborghini Urus

Starr Dawkins Lambo
Starr Dawkins

Starr Dawkins went off on a white woman who was seen opening her car door and sitting in her car to take a photograph.

Starr Dawkins is a multimillionaire owner of the feminine product Cookie Wash, and she is not afraid to show off her success as she also drives an eye-catching bright pink Lamborghini Urus. On Wednesday, she shared that she had taken her car to a car wash in Miami, and while waiting for her car to be cleaned and serviced, she spotted a woman posing in front of the car.

However, within seconds, the woman boldly opens Dawkins’ car and proceeds to sit in the driver’s seat as she poses for a photo being taken but a man who is seen wearing a shirt marked “Pit Crew” in the back.

“I was recording my car to make a post on how blessed I am & this happens,” Dawkins captioned the video of her confronting the woman, who immediately apologizes.

In the video, Starr Dawkins, who is also an aspiring dancehall artiste, can be heard telling the woman to get away from her car and noting that it was disrespectful to sit in the car. In a Shaderoom comment, Dawkins said she was lost for words.

“When I say I was in pure shock I couldn’t even tell her no bloodclootts or rassclotss.”

Starr IG

The incident has caused many persons to speculate that Dawkins might have overreacted, with many asking why her car door was opened. However, it was pointed out that the car was taken for servicing, and the door was left open to allow the auto care center to have access to the car should they need it.

Fans reacted to the incident, with many pointing out the stark reality that if Starr had been white and the car invader had been black, the outcome might’ve been different.

“I don’t blame Starr for going off like that the audacity now she is truly invading privacy at that point. Take a picture from outside and keep it moving,” one person shared in the comments section.

Starr Dawkins Lambo
Starr Dawkins Lamboghini Urus

“If it was the other way around Karen would be pressing charges,” another added.

Some persons felt that the woman went a little too far as it wouldn’t have been an issue had she stayed outside and taken a photo.

“It’s freshly cleaned too! Get out my sh*t ! Trying to flex, smh,” one person said.

Starr Dawkins has since explained the situation further, stating that the owner apologized to her for the ordeal.

“I’ve learned when U have money it’s best not to hit these white ppl BUT I’m Furious,” she wrote on IG. “I’m drained having to protect myself in this crazy a*s world this coulda been a white kid ready to shoot ! u Caucasian’s in Miami have no home training this is veryyyyy scary @prestigeautospamia your staff should be working and is doing this !!! Nobody was apologetic.”