50 Cent, Fat Joe Shocked As Rapper Ksoo’s Father To Testify Against Him In Murder Case

50 Cent
50 Cent

Fat Joe joins 50 Cent in reacting to rapper Ksoo’s father agreeing to side with prosecutors and testify against his son in his murder case.

Things have taken an interesting turn in the state’s case against Ksoo for first-degree murder. The rapper’s father, Abdul Robinson Sr, who, according to reports up to yesterday, was charged as an accessory after the fact, will be testifying against his sons.

According to News4Jax, Abdul Robinson Sr. has decided to cooperate with the state’s attorney’s office. Ksoo, whose real name is Hakeem Robinson, has been officially charged with the murders of Charles McCormick, aka Lil Buck, killed in January 2020, and Adrian Gainer, aka Bibby, killed in February 2019. His brother, Abdul Robinson Jr, is facing second-degree murder charges.

Ksoo and his brother were informed that their dad had provided statements on the murders and that he was transferred to St. John’s County Jail. The “No Mind” rapper has been accused of killing both men in separate gang-related shootings.

The decision by the boys’ father to testify against his sons did not sit well with some in the hip-hop community that still reveres the old ways of not talking to the police no matter what, especially when it has to do with someone you love.

One of the veterans weighing in, who definitely still believes in the old street codes of hip-hop, was 50 Cent. He hopped on Instagram to have his say, “Damn it Man, I seen it all now. you can’t trust nobody.” His comment prompted a reply from Fat Joe, who chimed in, “They think i lie.”

The sentiment was also shared by dancehall sensation Charly Black who said, “Better bumbo claaat believe it 50.” Other fans chimed in with their opinion, and some of them questioned what was expected of a parent in the situation.

The viral rap star is also facing even more legal woes for his alleged involvement in the death of Adrain “Bibby” Gainer in 2019. Something that he apparently has rapped about in several of his songs.

As far as the state is concerned, they believe that Robinson Sr. is the leader of a violent drug gang known as ATK or Ace’s Top Killers. They are also claiming that his son Hakeem is believed to be a member and that he has helped to popularize the genre known as “murder rap.” They argue that this so-called sub-genre of rap has led to an increase in the violent deaths of alleged gang rivals.

Ksoo, who was first indicted for first-degree murder in two cases in March 2022, has pleaded not guilty.

According to the police reports on the case, McCormick, 23, was fatally shot in Dames Pointe Plaza on Merrill Road on Jan 15, 2020. It has also been stated that an off-duty officer witnessed the shooting. He has said that he saw a gunman stand over McCormick and shoot him with a rifle before fleeing the scene in a Nissan Altima. The believed gunman was eventually captured on surveillance video, and prosecutors claim that person is Ksoo. His lawyers have denied the claims.

The prosecution has also stated that after the car used for the getaway crashed, three people were seen fleeing the scene and that the “Amazing” rapper’s fingerprint was found on a rifle in the car, and that his hair was found on a T-shirt nearby.

Robinson Sr. also faces charges of accessory after the fact in the slaying of 50-year-old Damon Rothermel, who was killed by a stray bullet while riding his bike near the intersection of Emerson Street and St. Augustine Road in January 2019. He is facing three felony charges that could each carry sentences of 30 years in prison.