Charly Black Links With Cuban Deejay Osmani Garcia On New Song “Pau Pow Sing A Song”

Osmani Garcia Charly
Osmani Garcia and Charly Black

The Cuban superstar Osmani Garcia “La Voz” dropped the song and video for “Pau Pow Sing A Song” featuring Billboard charting artist Charly Black which was produced and shot in Jamaica.

According to the producer of the song Jermaine Henry, more popularly known as ‘Crawba Genius’, the song is a mix of Urban, Reggae, and Tropical music. It comes with a Tik Tok dance challenge that he hopes will become viral to help the song’s commercial success.

Charly Black also spoke about the song and how it came to be.

“This new song with Osmani Garcia is more of a dancing song, a world song, it’s Spanish and we bring the Caribbean/dancehall vibes to the song. Osmani hit me up on Instagram in my DMs, reaching out to me that he had a song, he sent it over to me, I listened and he flew to Jamaica and we went to Big Yard Studios and we recorded the song there,” Charly Black told Urban Islandz.

He predicted that the song will be a hit among fans, especially on Tik Tok, as Osmani’s 2014 song “El Taxi” featuring Pitbull is one of the biggest songs on Tik Tok with 4.2K videos made by new and popular creators.

“The song will be released on May 22 on all digital platforms. I think especially Tik Tok users will love the song because of the type of vibe, they will love the song because of the vibes and in the dance. The song has a dance and Osmani is also a very talented artist, his previous song “El Taxi” with Pitbull is a mainstream hit, and working with him is like magic. I enjoyed every moment of the session, he’s inclined to music and he loves dancehall and reggae music and he’s passionate about music. I think this will be a good project and Charly Black is multitalented so any space you put me I can deliver,” he said.

A release from the artists said that Garcia is the first Cuban artist to become an international star thanks to his hit song “El Taxi,” alongside Pitbull & Sensato. The song’s video on YouTube surpasses 750 million views.

“Osmani has celebrated many #1 hits and recently has promoted the hit song “Pizza Are” with singer Lenier, which has turned viral, with important personalities, influencers, and fans posting videos eating pizza and creating a dance. He also recorded the ballad “Me Rindo Ante Ti” with Angel Lopez, ex-lead singer of Son x 4, responsible for the huge hit “A Puro Dolor.”

In the meantime, this is one of several Latin American entries by Charly Black. He already has a hit song, “Pa Que Me Invitan,” with Latin artist JenCarlos Canela and produced by Maffio, which charted on the Billboard Latin music charts and also won an ASCAP award.