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Tony Yayo Shares Genesis Behind 50 Cent and The Game G-Unit Beef

Tony Yayo 50 Cent
Tony Yayo and 50 Cent

50 Cent and The Games beef is being analyzed by Tony Yayo, who revealed the genesis of the beef.

There have been quite a lot speculations as to why the men are beefing. Their feud spilled over earlier this year after 50 Cent‘s Super Bowl performance as The Game trolled Fifty for the weight he gained. He particularly had an issue with 50’s muscle shirt calling it a “tank top” and comparing the rapper to a rotisserie chicken. He recently told him his “[rap] career died with them tank tops,”

50 Cent has responded with his own posts trolling The Game for not being recognized by other celebrities, and The Game took it a step further, sharing an image of a naked Cuban Link in his DMs years ago as he dissed 50 Cent.

According to Tony Yayo, claims the genesis of the two former G-Unit rappers stems from another earlier beef between Jimmy Henchman, the former CEO of the rap management company Czar, and Chris Lighty, the co-founder of the record label and management company Violator.

“Jimmy Henchman never liked Chris Lighty,” Yayo explained to DJ VLAD. “It was always jealousy,” he said about the rap heavyweights which had many big-name rappers on their rosters.

Henchman’s company had The Game, Gucci Mane, Salt-n-Peppa, and Akon on its roster, while Lighty had 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Missy Elliott, LL Cool J, Nas, and A Tribe Called Quest.

The rivalry between Henchman and Lighty later filtered down to their artists, who began to view each other as competitors, and an unhealthy rivalry began.

“Chris Lighty always had hate from people,” Yayo said. “To the point where Henchman moved on the same block,” he said.

“When you’re in a group, man, it’s egos,” the rapper said. “Motherf**kers is from the hood. N****s ain’t got no money. No financial experience, nothing… It’s egos,” he said about 50 Cent and The Game adopting a stance against each other.

According to him, the music suffered because of the rappers’ beef.

“For Game, I heard the songs co-written by 50… and it was fire.”

Tony Yayo was a prominent member of the 50 Cent led G-Unit imprint which has now been disbanded. Fifty still owns the label and most of the masters from the hit songs they produced when they were on top.