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Diddy Gets Slammed On Twitter As Worst Host Ever At Billboard Music Awards


Twitterverse is calling out Diddy labeling him as the worst host in the history of award shows following his Billboard Music Awards gig.

Hosting an award show is never easy, even for seasoned professionals. Even so, it seems Diddy was not spared for his approach to hosting the 2022 Billboard Music Awards as users of Twitter laid into his time on stage.

Many felt that the veteran producer overdid it with his self-promotions. According to his critics, he spent way too much time self-promoting his new music, Cîroc vodka, his son, and some other business endeavors. The criticism mostly came from the Twitterverse as he was hosting the show yesterday, May 15.

The Bad Boy mogul was torn apart on the social media app as users said that in addition to his egotistical hosting, he also came across as extremely arrogant. Hundreds of fans agreed with those sentiments and made sure to get their feelings heard with some sharp-witted posting.

“Am I watching the Billboard Music Awards or Diddys Ted Talk? Shut up already,” one fan said while another added, “P Diddy is the worst host I’ve ever seen on tv he just couldn’t shut up and he won’t funny like just read the damn prompt and get off he was so cringe everytime.”

There was always going to be some buzz around Diddy’s hosting since he already started off controversially by booking Travis Scott and Morgan Wallan to perform. In an interview with Billboard before the event, he said his decision to book the controversial artists was due to the fact that he was “un-canceling the canceled.”

He also raised eyebrows when he presented an award to activist Tamika Mallory since she was herself canceled last year for freely using the “N-word” in what ended up a viral video. While some fans felt he did a good job, the verdict of Twitter seems to be that he should stay far away from hosting.

Take in some of the reactions below.