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T.I. Speak On Young Thug, Gunna Case, Questions Why KKK Don’t Get RICO Charges


T.I. speak his piece on Young Thug and Gunna case and is asking why the KKK hasn’t been hit with a Rico case.

Hip-hop fans are still reeling from the shocking news that Young Thug and Gunna could potentially be facing a lot of time behind bars. This has been made apparent after it was confirmed that both rappers were arrested on RICO charges. They were among 28 members of YSL who were arrested earlier this week, May 9.

According to information arising out of the situation, there are at least 56 charges in total right now. Young Thug and Gunna also remained in jail as the judge denied their bonds. Of course, several members of the hip-hop community have since weighed in with their two cents on the matter.

Some of them believe that the charges are totally unfair, especially since the prosecutors have revealed that they are looking to use lyrics and music videos as evidence. One of the more notable names to weigh in so far is T.I., who has decided to share his voice on the matter.

TIP used Instagram to convey his opinion. He asked fans a question that had many wondering, as he said, “Why the KKK ain’t been hit with a RICO?”

The KKK is a well-known organization, mostly because of its doctrine of hate and the fact that they have been tied to countless lynchings and other murders of people of color.

“If they investigated the KKK with as much vigor as ISIS. where they go after every relative and associate, they would end up locking up cops, senators, judges, congressmen, etc from EVERY state,” one fan said, while another added, “Cause They Police & Politicians My Boy Cmon You Know That 1” and this fan also agreed, “Question of a lifetime?! The biggest gang of them.”

As fans prepare to see how this case unfolds, over 90,000 people have already agreed with T.I. that the system seems inherently flawed.