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DaniLeigh Says Her “Yellow Bone” Song Was ‘Really Ignorant’


DaniLeigh issued another apology, this time appearing more sincere and genuine for the hurt her song “Yellow Bone” caused at the height of her relationship with embattled rapper DaBaby.

In her first interview since her break up and fight with DaBaby, DaniLeigh speaks to radio host Angie Martinez, telling her she has taken accountability for the song.

“It was definitely a learning lesson for me, I just want to say to everyone I am super sorry, It just was a mistake, I am a Dominican woman, I have family who are dark-skinned, my daughter is a black girl, to even speak on skin tone I realize how messed up that is now,” she said.

When asked whether she didn’t know before that the song might have caused an issue, Dani Leigh did not disagree that she didn’t know but said she did not do it to praise light-skinned women.

“I didn’t have no idea,” she replied to Martinez’s question about how she couldn’t have known. “But I don’t think I wrote the song intentionally to be like to praise light skins or anything, I just think I wasn’t really thinking, it was really like ignorant,” she said.

DaniLeigh comments now differ widely from what her initial reactions were when the song was first released on social media and began trending.

The song released in early 2021 goes: “Yellow bone is what he wants…yellow bone is what he wants,” which showed a lighter complexioned Dani with blond hair mouthing the lyrics of the song.

Many social media followers felt the line promoted colorism in the black community as it promoted lighter-skinned people above those who are dark. Colorism is a well-known phenomenon that many like dancehall artist Spice have spoken about, as she disclosed being bullied for her darker skin and encouraged to bleach and lighten her skin tone for opportunities, relationships, and jobs.

Instead of apologizing for the backlash, Dani Leigh had doubled down as she defended the song many speculated was aimed at DaBaby’s first baby mother, Meme, who is darker.

“Why can’t I make a song for my light skin baddies?” she said on Twitter. “Only God can ‘cancel’ me…that sht don’t mean sht to me,” she added.

DaniLeigh later issued another apology following that first statement.

“IT WASN’T SOMETHING THAT I LOOKED AT DEEPLY…. I’M SORRY THAT I WASN’T SENSITIVE TO THE TOPIC…. I DEFINITELY FEEL MISUNDERSTOOD,” she said as she also referenced that she couldn’t be racist because she was dating someone black-DaBaby.